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Armored Cars: FNSS PARS 4×4

June 15, 2018


One of Turkey’s leading armored vehicle manufacturers outed their latest project tailor-made for the country’s armed forces. During this year’s Eurosatory–the biggest arms show in Western Europe–FNSS unveiled its redesigned PARS 4×4 armed with a tandem missile launcher. Not to be confused with the superb wheeled APC of the same name, the PARS 4×4 is the descendant of a German scout car.

Development of this redesigned PARS 4×4 began in late 2016 after requirements were laid down by the Turkish army for an all terrain and amphibious recce vehicle equipped for combat. The PARS 4×4 isn’t meant for transporting soldiers.

The PARS 4×4 joined FNSS’ catalog in 2015 and was subsequently spun off into a 6×6 troop carrier. At the time it was already promoted as capable of supporting various armaments on a remote controlled turret such as Stinger SAMs. But fresh details about this new variant of the PARS 4×4 are all about its performance. According to FNSS, the higher ground clearance on the vehicle is to improve its water crossing mobility–there are two propellers installed at the back.


Identifying the PARS 4×4 in any vehicle fleet isn’t too difficult. The cab’s distinctive shape and height are giveaways, with a towing winch installed on the bumper. There are steps underneath each of its side doors and on the left of the truck are a series of handle bars that form a ladder to access the roof, where two hatches are located. The PARS 4×4 doesn’t have a v-hull but mine-resistant seats are available for its four-person crew.

The armor on the PARS 4×4 looks robust although FNSS haven’t revealed what level it is. The reader should bear in mind, however, the original German Fennek is armored up to STANAG III. The PARS 4×4’s protective features are substantial though. The windshield is made of three reinforced panels and diagonal bulletproof windows are attached to each of its doors. There are separate rows of smoke grenade launchers at the back of the vehicle above the engine compartment that houses an unspecified diesel model.

The interior of the PARS 4×4’s cab has air conditioning, CBRN filters, and fire extinguishers installed. The fuel tanks are described as “explosion and leak resistant.”


When it comes to mobility the PARS 4×4, which uses automatic transmission, can reach a top speed of 110 kilometers per hour while it swims at 6.5 km/h on water. Its runflat tires have independent suspension and FNSS boasts the chassis was built for “increased angles of approach and departure.”

The PARS 4×4 carries a remote weapon armed with a single light machine gun and two anti-armor missiles. FNSS claims these are either the Turkish OMTAS or the Russian Kornet, depending on what the end user requests. The PARS 4×4’s acceptance with the Turkish military in the coming years should boost its profile. Besides, Turkish armored vehicles are enjoying strong demand across Central Asia and the Middle East. With FNSS’ track record of successfully exporting APCs (Oman, Malaysia) and light tanks (Indonesia), the PARS 4×4’s fate is in good hands.

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