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How To Reach Adsum Risk Consulting

June 14, 2018

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The challenges that arise when doing business in Asia should be reason enough for any enterprise’s leadership to build risk strategies. One viable route is signing up with an organization that has a solid track record in the local environment. When navigating the pitfalls of the Philippines’ business landscape, for example, outfits like Adsum Risk Consulting can be reached to help companies stay safe.

ARC brings together broad experience and a team of unwavering professionals who can help their clients mitigate threats and troubleshoot thorny situations. Whether it’s good old-fashioned due-diligence or an airtight plan for securing a facility, ARC excel at dealing with the bad things that can happen to anyone’s bottom line.

After three decades in the business of risk, ARC takes pride in its flexibility. Its services are available to companies ranked in the Fortune 500 as well as public sector institutions. Companies that operate critical infrastructure, from data centers to power plants, are welcome to inquire about on-site training and security from ARC.

Another specialty for ARC is taking down fraud and white collar crime and this extends to a clientele spanning the hospitality, information technology, manufacturing, and retail industries. When it comes to basic security consulting ARC can provide bodyguards to High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and VIPs who are at risk from malicious actors.

ARC was founded by John F. Walker, a US Air Force veteran and certified CISM and CSO, after three decades as a counterintelligence operative and investigator who often worked in collaboration with various law enforcement agencies. Over the years ARC has developed three broad risk specializations: business, information, and security.

For private sector clients looking to outsource specific activities to a trusted partner ARC is qualified for performing background checks and employee screening; due-diligence on M&A and potential fraud cases; vendor integrity assessments; investigations for fraud, theft, and IP infringement; business continuity and recovery planning.

If your organization needs a risk consultant ARC can be reached here or email them at

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