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Armored Cars: Plasan Stormer EX

May 8, 2018

Via Plasan.

The Stormer EX is the largest among the current selection of SandCats offered by the armored solutions manufacturer Plasan. These are light trucks based on the Ford F-series that can be assembled to a customer’s requirements. The SandCat, however, has always emphasized mobility and protection rather than interior volume.

The Stormer EX is meant to function as a cost-effective personnel carrier for infantry who deploy on counter-terrorist or peacekeeping operations. Its armor level is raised to STANAG III and the hull is elongated so it can fit a total of 11 passengers. These include the driver and co-driver in the cab, a lone gunner on the roof turret and eight dismounts.

Via Plasan.

The Stormer EX is recognizable for its adherence to design principles that have become a trademark for Plasan. Straight edges are blunted by soft angles and so many little details are optimized for functionality. A single antennae is located to the right of the hood and each of its reinforced doors have customized windows that have slat armor over them.

Circular firing ports are located on either side of the passenger compartment, on the two swing doors behind the cab, and the rear swing door where the spare tire is mounted. Hand rails at the back of the vehicle allow its passengers to either climb on or disembark from the roof.

Via Plasan.

The Stormer EX has an interesting cupola over its roof hatch, which serves as a turret. Rather than a basic square shape with vulnerable windows, the cupola has distinct angles that further enclose the gunner in a protective shell. This could be better for deflecting incoming fire or lethal fragments. The Stormer EX doesn’t have a main armament per se but Plasan have advertised it with a single FN MAG.

Whether or not larger weapons such as automatic grenade launchers, large caliber cannon, or even anti-tank missiles are available for the Stormer EX really depends on the end user’s requirements. Thanks to automation, many armored 4×4’s today are capable of deploying a startling variety of weapons. The Oshkosh JLTV, for example, can be fitted with a 30mm cannon on a pivoting mount. The GAZ Tigr, on the other hand, has a variant armed with eight Kornet missiles.

As a contender in the market for robust armored trucks that can fight in open terrain and crowded urban environments, the Stormer EX has the advantage of Plasan’s international reputation to drive its future sales. It’s also a viable alternative to cumbersome MRAPs.

Via Plasan.

Another interesting vehicle from the same manufacturer is best described as a scout car with a remote controlled machine gun. The Yagu was unveiled at this year’s ExpoSeguridad in Mexico alongside the Stormer EX and it looks as if it’s being positioned for a border interdiction and surveillance role, albeit with a genuine fighting capability.

A lot of vehicle manufacturers have outed unprotected off-road transports for police and military use in recent years. Companies like Polaris and Supacat have surged globally for their ultra-light mobility catalogs. The Yagu, however, seems to buck the trend by combining armor and an uncharacteristic nimbleness.

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