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DSA 2018: General Starlight Unveils The Quadro-S

May 7, 2018

Via Wikimedia Commons.

One of the Canadian exhibitors at the recent DSA 2018 arms show was General Starlight Company Inc. (GSCI) whose presence at the event was meant to promote its latest products. This includes a multipurpose “Compact Fusion Thermal Sight” called the Quadro-S.

The Quadro-S is supposed to be used as either a handheld surveillance tool or a weapon sight on NATO infantry small arms, including the ubiquitous M4 carbine. The device is being marketed as an affordable and unique piece of kit that, according to GSCI, “costs less than any other high-performance Fusion system currently on the market.” Having debuted in Asia, the Quadro-S will next be featured at Eurosatory 2018 in France.

Via General Starlight.

Based on product data shared by the manufacturer, the Quadro-S allows users to observe subjects as far away as 1,570 meters in four modes: daytime, nighttime, fusion day/night view, and thermal. GSCI describes the “fusion mode” for simultaneous day/night viewing on the Quadro-S as taking a composite image based on the near-infrared and long-range infrared spectrum. As an augmented weapon-mountable system for tactical surveillance, the Quadro-S caters to the law enforcement and special operations crowd.

The body of the Quadro-S is made of hard-anodized aluminum to better absorb bumps and shocks. Its end users can expect a detachable hand strap, a shoulder strap, a demist shield for its lens, a lens cap, an eyecup, two battery holders, a USB power cable and a video-out cable with each Quadro-S that comes packaged in a weather-resistant hard case with a soft pouch available for carrying the device on one’s person.

According to GSCI, the Quadro-S “does not hold back on specifications” with these features.

  • 640×480 FPA resolution, with auto-NUC for uninterrupted use.
  • 50Hz refresh rate.
  • Built-in video recorder.
  • Full IP67 water-proofing.
  • Large suite of hardware features.

Military personnel have the option of custom accessories for attaching the Quadro-S to their firearms. These include a low-profile mount, a MAK Picatinny mount, and a MAK Blaser mount. An HMD-800 head-mounted display, an add-on IR illuminator, as well as a small remote control are also optional accessories. Operators who will use the Quadro-S as a weapon sight can avail of a clip-on adapter. For surveillance purposes, an external video recorder and USB adapter can be included too.

Here are the Quadro-S’ technical specifications as seen on its product brochure:

Via General Starlight.

Individual day/night and thermal sights are rare among Southeast Asian militaries. On its own, the Quadro-S should be able to attract some attention, at the very least.

Via General Starlight.

Each Quadro-S has a seven (7) year warranty and is now available for export to customers worldwide. Below is a promotional video clip released by GSCI about the Quadro-S:


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