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Armored Cars: Tekne Okrikam

June 26, 2019

Via Tekne srl.

With militaries spoiled for choices when it comes to protected 4×4’s, one specific model from Italy has so far gone unnoticed. Tekne built up its armored vehicle catalog in the span of a few years and managed to prototype the Okrikam as an all-in-one battle transport. Is it fast? Can it fight? Does it swim?

Not to be outdone by its better known competitors in the EU, the Okrikam is a “yes” on every count. Looking past its elaborate hood, whose appearance seems more aesthetic than practical, the Okrikam was designed from the bottom up for today’s complicated war zones.

The product literature of the Okrikam reveals it conforms to almost universal standards for protected 4×4’s. The monocoque steel hull was assembled with a modicum of STANAG 2a blast resistance and is strong enough to resist gunfire from assault rifles. Since it will be driven over rough terrain, its independent suspension system features coils and hydraulic dampers on its front and rear axles. Runflat tires with bead lock functions ensures the Okrikam’s mobility in adverse situations. A 170 horsepower Iveco turbo diesel engine gives it a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour on paved roads and a 500 km maximum range on a full tank.

The Okrikam manages to carry 10 people, with two in the cab and eight inside its passenger compartment–the latter embark from a hydraulic ramp at the back. Combat optimization is limited to a single roof hatch that mounts a weapon of choice. Tekne does assure a wide variety of armaments are suited to the Okrikam. Another selling point is the installation of hydraulic propellers for water crossings. It’s claimed the vehicle manages a swimming speed of 8 km/h when almost completely submerged in a river or lake. But without amphibious upgrades, the Okrikam has a fording depth of just three feet. Weighing just 8.5 tons fully loaded, the Okrikam is transportable via all major NATO fixed and rotary aircraft, from the C-130 Hercules to the CH-53 helicopter.

Tekne offers a variety of additional features on the Okrikam should end users request these. An automatic fire suppression system, blackout lighting, central tire inflation, internal communications and navigation tools, internal battery chargers, external cameras, night vision optics, towing or self-recovery winch, and provisions for law enforcement.

The Okrikam’s production line seems dormant at the moment but Tekne positioned their very own modular armored truck for militaries and law enforcement agencies within Europe and beyond. Judging by its characteristics and weight class, it’s a rival to similar 4×4’s in Germany, Turkey, and Spain. But three powerful trends are now poised to shape wheeled armored vehicles as the world enters the 2020s. First is the adoption of hybrid engines. Second is the availability of powerful armament options, be it 30mm cannons or missile cells–maybe both. Third is 360 degree “battle management” where the vehicle’s crew have uninterrupted awareness of their surroundings via high definition touch interfaces.

If the Okrikam incorporates any of these new features its competitiveness gets a huge boost; better to just wait and see. Tekne’s other protected vehicles include an open top special forces truck and a large MRAP called the Marsos.


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