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This South Korean Manufacturer Builds Its Own AKMs

September 1, 2018

An American soldier aims his Soviet vintage AKM during an exercise. Via Wikimedia Commons.

The world’s most produced assault rifle still enjoys robust demand 70 years since it was issued to the Soviet Red Army. In circumstances best described as utterly ironic, faithful reproductions of the AKM–the stamped receiver variant of the original AK-47–are now made in factories above and below the 38th parallel. South Korea’s Dasan Machineries Co. Ltd. is a privately owned enterprise specializing in automotive parts. Since 1996 Dasan has slowly built a portfolio of licensed firearms for police use. Then there’s the DAK47.

Contrary to its name, the DAK47’s appearance is an exact replica of the AKM that first entered production in 1959 and, unlike its counterparts from China and North Korea, has no discernible improvements.

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Adsum Risk Consulting Is Your Security Troubleshooter

August 31, 2018

Multinationals that operate in emerging markets need very deep knowledge of local conditions for them to thrive. Beyond the differences in business cultures, many developing countries don’t have robust laws that keep their private sectors from becoming infested with crime. This is why business leaders who want to ride a wave of economic growth are best served by experienced risk consultants who can steer them away from disaster.

For more than a decade now Adsum Risk Consulting (ARC) has worked across Southeast Asia helping businesses deal with unexpected risks. Staffed by experienced professionals with military and law enforcement backgrounds, ARC is a boutique service provider that excels in navigating any crisis.

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Armored Cars: Avibras Guara 4WS

August 31, 2018

Via Avibras.

A particularly rare tactical vehicle from South America is the Avibras Guara 4WS. It’s a recent outing from Brazil’s state-owned aerospace giant and was unveiled in 2016 after a few years of development. Named after a species of wolf, the Guara is another modular 4×4 truck being pushed as end-all choices for armies on a budget. Although many of its specifications haven’t been revealed, the Guara stands out for its distinctive appearance

Its most obvious characteristic is a broad and sloping bonnet or hood to offer its driver an unobstructed view from behind the windshield. In other aspects the Guara maintains a predictable layout, with an armored cab supporting a bed for hauling cargo.

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Russia Has A New Family Of Assault Rifles

August 29, 2018

Pictured are the 200-series Kalashnikov rifles. Via Kalashnikov Group.

The recent ARMY 2018 “International Military-Technical Forum” provided a badly needed lift to a sector marred by fresh US sanctions. With Russian companies still enjoying huge global demand a variety of new products for export were shown off throughout the fair, which lasted from August 21 until 26. One of the highlights within the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center was the Kalashnikov Group‘s exhibit.

The company responsible for distributing and marketing Russia’s iconic small arms had its 200-series assault rifle family on display to visitors. After almost two decades of robust sales for its 100-series assault rifles, the new Kalashnikovs were a sure sign these proven firearms are being tailored for customers everywhere.

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Background Checks Are Neglected By Filipino Companies

August 27, 2018

Trying to establish business operations in an emerging market is never easy. Aside from the usual maze of exotic work cultures and regulations, another hurdle is finding the right people who can lay the groundwork for success. While there are no shortage of success stories in the Philippines, the truth is there’s a dark side to the white collar world’s cool professionalism.

Since founding Adsum Risk Consulting (ARC), John Walker has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of Asia’s corporate world. Some of it is pretty messed up. But there’s one great vulnerability that haunts Filipino companies in particular–the people it hires. Let John explain.

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Iranian Military Industries Are Promoting Fake Modernization

August 26, 2018

Via Iranian media.

On August 22 Iran’s news agencies showed President Rouhani in the cockpit of a multirole fighter called the “Kowsar.” The occasion was meant to promote the local aerospace sector for “National Defense Industry Day.” But the Kowsar got ridiculed across the internet when it was correctly identified as a US-made F-5 fighter that’s among the oldest airframes flown by Iran’s air force.

This didn’t keep state media from hailing the “homegrown” jet for its “advanced radar system” and “military data networks.” Because of its two-seater cockpit, the Kowsar shared a strong resemblance to the F-5F Tiger II although it’s claimed a single-seat variant can be built. Iran now joins a select club of Asian countries–Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand–who’ve kept their F-5’s in flying condition.

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Highlights Of OEWatch For August 2018

August 25, 2018

Each month the US Army’s think tank the Foreign Military Studies Office (FMSO) publishes its open source OEWatch magazine as a free download on the APAN Community Network. The August 2018 issue is 81 pages long and on the cover is a stock image to accompany the bold title “Special Operations Forces.” A major overhaul of the contents has left five major sections and the longest is–predictably–the one devoted to Eurasia. Editorial duties are split between the contributor pool and the usual trio of Tom Wilhelm, Matthew Stein, and Lucas Winter.

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Did The PLA Turn Battlefield Rockets Into Anti-Aircraft Missiles?

August 24, 2018

Via China Military Online.

Each week fresh photos are uploaded to the Chinese military’s official news website depicting the activities conducted by each branch. These same images often seep to commentary, blog posts, mainstream news, social media accounts, and think tanks in a cycle that keeps the PLA-watching crowd nourished. But as August drew to a close a gallery of the most powerful artillery rockets deployed by China’s army revealed something unexpected.

According to the PLA, an artillery brigade of PHL-03 multiple rocket launchers conducted a live fire exercise on August 20 where they attacked aerial targets. That’s correct–aerial targets!

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The Drone Index: Kronstadt Group Orion-E

August 24, 2018

Via Kronstadt Group.

The proliferation of Russian unmanned aircraft hasn’t attracted enough scrutiny even if these played vital roles during recent military campaigns in Eastern Ukraine and Syria. A truly remarkable MALE drone unveiled in 2017 is the Kronstadt or Kronshtadt Group‘s Orion-E that’s tailored for intelligence gathering. While it can be mistaken for a “Western” airframe at first glance, the Orion-E simply conforms to a familiar layout that includes a broad wingspan, tricycle landing gear, a V-tail, and a turbopropeller engine at the back of the fuselage.

Although the Russian military deploys multiple drone types for various purposes, these are often handheld models with limited range. The Orion-E bucks the trend, however, and offers optimum performance compared to its peers.

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Inside The 2018 Pentagon China Report

August 23, 2018

Via South China Morning Post.

This year’s Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China, also known as the 2018 China Military Power Report, may have arrived later than usual but the wait was well worth it. The contents of the 145 page document authored by Pentagon researchers are packed with useful insights about China’s growing military strength. In previous decades this annual report was supposed to inform US legislators about how Taiwan was faring against its belligerent neighbor–this time it’s different.

Anyone who follows military affairs in China may not be too surprised about the contents of the report. But there’s now a clear difference in tone when the authors acknowledge Beijing’s ambitions. With its swollen defense budget and investment projects running unchecked across four continents, the US is witnessing the emergence of a genuine peer competitor.

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Here Are The Risks Expats Face In Southeast Asia

August 19, 2018

The Western expatriate toiling away in some exotic capital is a stereotype that has long been deprived of nuance. Rather than view them as professionals contributing to national economies, the expat is too often conjured as a privileged white man (as if there aren’t women expats) living inside a near impenetrable bubble. There’s some truth to this characterization, but also underlying falsehood.

Perhaps to a far greater degree than a local professional, the expat does live at risk from some very grave threats. The “how” and “why” of these menaces might be easy to ascertain but the awful truth is the baggage that goes with being an expat is a burden as well. For a boutique security firm like Adsum Risk Consulting (ARC) the worst of the worst an expat has to deal with includes…

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The Massive ARMY 2018 Starts Next Week

August 19, 2018

Via Wikimedia Commons.

The largest tri-service arms show in Russia starts next week. ARMY 2018 is a hyper publicized occasion for boosting the country’s weapons exports and its own national military culture; both are taking place in a sprawling outdoor venue outside Moscow from August 21 until 26. The duration of the event promoted as an “International Military-Technical Forum” is held at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center in Kubinka, a town outside Moscow.

ARMY 2018 involves both indoor and outdoor exhibits for participating companies and separate live demonstrations at the Alabino Training Grounds, Komsomolskoe Lake, and the Kubinka Airfield. 21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a media partner for ARMY 2018

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