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Armored Cars: AM General Humvee NXT 360

August 16, 2021
Via AM General.

In 2018 the US manufacturer AM General unveiled a brand new “light tactical vehicle” to attract end users long familiar with its iconic Humvee, whose role in the US armed fores and with allied countries is entering its fifth decade. The Humvee NXT 360, or just “NXT 360” for short, re-imagined its predecessor with many of the same automotive parts. At the time AM General emphasized how the NXT 360 was both a new vehicle and an “upgrade kit for existing [Humvee] fleets.” This was a calculated move on their part since the global market for protected 4×4’s had become very crowded and budget-conscious militaries were eschewing armored trucks for commercial pickups.

By 2020 the NXT 360 was further refined into separates variants. There was the original NXT 360 whose layout subscribed to the Humvee and the NXT 360 ES (pictured above) with a larger 250 horsepower V8 engine and a fully armored cab. AM General also used a long travel fully independent suspension system on the NXT 360 ES giving it higher ground clearance and blast protection underneath the hull. While not a mine-resistant truck AM General insist the NXT 360 ES is capable of surviving kinetic impacts and explosive force. The vehicle’s exact protection level versus different ammunition calibers and explosives has been withheld, however.

An interesting feature of the NXT 360 ES is AM General gave it an empty bed like a pickup truck. This is for end users who want vehicles with many potential variants where modules are either assembled or installed behind the cab. According to AM General the NXT 360 ES’ gross weight exceeds 7 tons and its mobility enjoys numerous improvements. It now boasts six-speed automatic transmission and safety features such as an anti-lock brake system and controls for electronic stability and traction. The cab is fully protected with reinforced doors and bulletproof windows and windscreen. The vehicle’s exhaust pipe also extends to the roof when the NXT 360 ES wades into beaches or rivers.

The total seating capacity is six with a double cab and extra room at the back. Like the Humvee, the NXT 360 ES can be armed by mounting a weapon station on its roof but it’s an auxiliary truck by default. This makes it the less heftier sibling of the 18.5 ton MPT that emerged in 2017. The MPT is a concept 4×4 transport revealed in 2017 based on the BRV-O and was being positioned for exports to the Middle East. The original BRV-O was AM Generals contender in the historic competition to find the US Army’s next protected transport–Oshkosh emerged the winner with its now famed JLTV.

The NXT 360 and NXT 360 ES are still under the Department of State’s foreign military sales (FMS) regime. Hence it’s strongest prospects are with reliable US allies that operate the Humvee in significant numbers. The best aspects of the NXT 360 ES in particular are the manufacturer’s ability to scale production and the needed spare parts for it are in abundance. For all the knocks it has taken the Humvee is a tough vehicle operated in a lot of dangerous places and the NXT 360 ES can live up to the same once it starts going abroad.

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