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Armored Cars: Osprea Mamba Mk7-X

March 8, 2021
Via Osprea.

The latest iteration of the battle tested Mamba Mk7, now rebranded as the Mamba Mk7-X, packs a 408 horsepower Deutz diesel engine and numerous improvements. This was possible with the addition of so many parts sourced from the United States. The larger engines, which leaves a towering bonnet above an equally massive grille, allows for so many performance tweaks. Its maximum road speed now reaches 120 kilometers per hour and gross vehicle weight reaches 16.8 tons. Ballistic protection reaches an impressive STANAG 3 or strong enough to resist machine guns. Boarding the vehicle is limited to a pair of swing doors for the cab and a single door at the back for the passengers.

The original Mamba Mk3 was tailored for the South African military in the late Apartheid/post-Apartheid era and remains in service until today. The vehicle’s brand name, design, and production, however, is now managed by Osprea Logistics. Regional troubles such as peacekeeping in Somalia and the D.R. Congo have kept the Mamba Mk7 alive and the MRAP proved its worth in multiple engagements where it endured considerable amounts of damage. The Mamba Mk7-X is meant for the same kind of jobs, albeit with improved capacity in all the categories that count: movement, protection, and firepower.

Now the Mamba Mk7-X doesn’t have any weapons integrated but its layout is optimized for combat. Circular gun ports are embedded in all its windows except for the driver’s. With a capacity for between six and eight dismounts a roof hatch serves as a mount for a partially or fully enclosed turret. Smaller square hatches are located above the cab if the crew need to exit the vehicles if the swing doors are compromised. As a combat vehicle the Mamba Mk7-X is a capable armored personnel carrier for delivering troops to their objectives and fighting alongside them. Other missions span convoy protection and perimeter security in active war zones.

End users who want their ground force or security services equipped with a fleet of Mamba Mk7-X’s can recommend improvements that Osprea is prepared to supply such as electronic countermeasures, fire suppression, internal power storage via USB, navigation apps, rooftop cameras, and runflat inserts for the tires. Osprea is also ready to establish a production line in the end user’s location and have the Mambas assembled from kits locally. As the market for protected mobility keeps growing, the Mamba Mk7-X has a status and track record none of today’s latest mine-resistant truck’s have. This is a very appealing competitive edge.

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