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Get Immediate Access To The Global Arms Industry

June 26, 2020

Via Wikimedia Commons.

Since it began forging media partnerships with events organizers in 2014 the 21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) has grown to a trusted platform where some of the biggest “defense industry” events are featured. Whether high profile arms shows or niche gatherings focused on new technology, 21AAR is a valuable resource for organizers who want extra reach and exposure. But readers can now enjoy the privilege of having access to the latest events in security, technology, and military industries in a few easy steps. These won’t require sharing any personal data and offers a rare perspective on the inner workings of the global arms trade. How is this possible?

Go On Twitter

To get the latest on events for the security and military industries just follow the 21AAR Twitter account : @21aar_show

21AAR’s Twitter account shares original content from the site as well as retweets promotional media from organizers who are responsible for various arms shows and related events. Of course, these activities always come with an occasional dash of humor. Once in a while the 21AAR Twitter account will ask followers if they want to receive event invitations and other materials. The choice of whether or not to receive these is theirs.


Readers of this site can open the “About” page found on the top right corner and use the contact form to inquire about events for military industries. If these are about a specific event, such as those advertised on the site, the founder of 21AAR will respond as soon as possible and fulfill the reader’s request. For example, if the inquiry is regarding an arms show in a different part of the world, 21AAR can assist by providing schedules, registration info, and even a referral to the event’s organizers.

Companies and organizers who are seeking media coverage and other collaborative activities should do the same. The greatest incentive for companies seeking exposure on 21AAR is the guarantee of free advertising and being listed on its events calendar. Any person or company that contacts 21AAR are spare from inputting their data besides a functional email address.


Readers who want even more direct access are free to join the 21AAR Telegram channel:

Members of the official Telegram channel not only get regular updates on fresh content but are able to interact with the founder and make relevant inquiries. For anyone who are curious about the site’s origins, 21AAR was founded in June 2011 as a personal effort to assess the growth in military capabilities across Eurasia–the geopolitical space that spans the eastern half of the Asia-Pacific all the way to the Mediterranean coast.

Although intended as a niche website employing a free WordPress template, the steady rise in 21AAR’s readership meant its content diversified as well. These now span detailed profiles for current weapon systems, text and picture heavy “listicles,” open source analysis of ongoing wars, and updates on military procurement.

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