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Are You Prepared For The Next DSEI Japan?

June 21, 2020

Via DSEI Japan 2019.

The second installment of Japan’s biggest arms show is taking place from May 19 to 21 in the same venue–the Makuhari Messe. The first DSEI Japan held in 2019 was a success thanks to a strong promotional effort by the organizer Clarion Events, who are best known for the DSEI arms show in London, and the full cooperation of the defense ministry with its sub-agencies. Although Japan’s opaque military industries have participated in trade shows before it wasn’t until DSEI Japan was launched that a large-scale fully integrated arms show was organized in the country.

The organizers behind the next DSEI Japan want to build on the success of their debut and make its second installment in 2021 even more impactful. The original DSEI Japan had 126 exhibitors and attracted more than ten thousand attendees from 66 countries. According to figures published in the post-show report the largest segment of attendees hailed from the Asia-Pacific, meaning Japan and its neighbors, while Europe and North America coming in second and third. There were also delegates and VIPs from the Middle East and Latin America.

The main attraction for those wanting to participate in DSEI Japan 2021 is rediscovering the country’s military-industrial sector. For decades prior Japan’s defense ministry maintained a strict balance adopting foreign technology originating from the US and importing some equipment from abroad. Being self-sufficient had a role too as most equipment used by the defense forces are manufactured locally. This began to change in the 2010s when Tokyo’s national security began emphasizing territorial defense and substantial countermeasures against ballistic missiles. Japan’s military is now seeking to enhance its role with serious technological leaps and a newfound commitment to alliances.

In fact, it’s these same allies–and a few other eager friends–who made DSEI Japan 2019 notable. Exhibitors from Australia and India, as well as Israel’s world famous military industries, were participating and this signaled the upcoming fusion of allied technologies for strategic purposes. This is deliberate, by the way, as Japan’s military want best-of-class technology to deter and overcome its rivals.

The first DSEI Japan in 2019 may have been on a smaller scale than other regional arms shows but it served its purpose as a venue for advertising the advanced state of Japan’s military industries. A specific highlight at the 2019 show was the indoor display of a Type 10 main battle tank and its sibling, the 8×8 Type 16 fire support vehicle, along with a prototype wheeled APC that could soon enter service. Some of the world’s largest military-industrial enterprises were at the show too and commanded enormous pavilions. With Japan’s role a longstanding ally with an active role in keeping the regional peace, Lockheed Martin put its aerospace portfolio on display with scale models of its F-35A and F-35B. (Pictured above.)

The benefits of attending DSEI Japan 2021 is having an exclusive firsthand experience with emerging trends in military technology and, of course, opportunities for networking. Several hundred VIPs attended the last show and having exclusive access to them, as well as their insights, is worth the price of admission. Companies that seek to explore their options for sponsorships and other forms of participating should get in touch now. 21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a media partner for DSEI Japan 2021.


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