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This Russian Tech Show Wants You To Join In

November 12, 2019

Via All-over-IP.

One of the best known technology exhibitions in Russia is happening this month. All-over-IP 2019 takes place from November 20 until 22 in Moscow and gathers some of the biggest names involved with protecting businesses. Each installment of the show is dedicated to improving business processes for Russia’s diverse private sector where advanced tools and products enjoy strong demand. This week the organizers Groteck Business Media are inviting prospective visitors to attend opening day at the Sokolniki Expo’s Pavilion 4. Groteck CEO Andrey Miroshkin will be there in person to moderate and share his experience working inside the Russian security market.

21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a recognized media partner for All-over-IP 2019.

The Groteck team established the B2B and networking event at the start of All-over-IP 2019 so that the show begins on a high note. Those who attend have the opportunity to join meetings arranged with exhibitors and have their questions about doing business in Russia answered. A subtle incentive is each visitor’s badge contains a decrypted contact list for the whole show and accessing it requires the badge to be scanned at the venue. Inquiries about joining the show can be directed to Galina Skochko via

The official summary for All-over-IP 2019 is found below:

…[It provides] compelling content and digital marketing tools to educate the Russian security and IT market throughout the whole year and brings leading brands, sales channels and end-users together each November in Moscow for a unique networking and technology event boasting 6,496 members in 2019. Those are distributors, system integrators, engineering and installation contractors, telecommunications service providers and end-users from key economic sectors including fuel and energy, transportation, building and construction, retail, banking and finance, real estate development and property management, gainfully involved in purchasing technology. Therefore, All-over-IP can provide valuable trends about Russia’s demand for technology.

More than a giant networking space, each installment of All-over-IP serves as a trade show for professionals who want to see the latest trends shaping the industries they work for. This is why the show features multiple themes under its umbrella. An example is the “Real Estate Days 2019” conference where companies that are involved with commercial and residential building construction can get up to speed on the latest advances in their respective trades, from architecture to systems integration. This is just one among a handful of event-within-the-event that makes All-over-IP so relevant.

Since almost every important technological niche for both private and state-owned (it’s Russia) enterprises are represented in the three-day show it serves as a useful tool for market research on the host country. Hence, All-over-IP offers a superb glimpse at the next benchmarks for the Russian economy. In fact, among the mini-conferences on the sidelines of the show is one titled “Emerging Technology Day” reveals the coming killer apps Russia’s most innovative companies plan on mastering. These are:

  • AI and Deep Learning
  • AI-based cloud data storage
  • AI security
  • Big data
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data mining
  • Digital signage
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Industry 4.0
  • Robotic process automation



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