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With VIAexpo 2019 Vietnam Ups Its Aviation Game

November 6, 2019

The upcoming Vietnam Aviation Expo or VIAexpo 2019 gathers some of the world’s leading companies in aerospace for three days at the Tan Son Nhat Pavilion Convention Center. Spanning three days from November 20 until 22 the show organized by Phoenix Trade Fairs is further proof of the Southeast Asian country’s attractiveness for high tech manufacturing. Exhibitors from ASEAN, EU, Japan, and the USA are already booked and the event aspires to serve as “a perfect place for cooperation between businesses and investors…where trade promotion and economic development blooms.”

Whether it’s civilian or military end users, the world’s aerospace companies should remain bullish on Southeast Asia, a region boasting two prominent air shows in Singapore and Langkawi, Malaysia. As neighbors (Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam) join in with their own prestigious exhibitions the scene can expect to be very busy in the foreseeable future.

The very first installment of VIAexpo 2019 is focused on two main activities for its duration. The first is the show proper where manufacturers and suppliers can display their wares and promote themselves. The second is the B2B aspect where deals can be explored and participants are free to broaden their contacts. The organizers arranged conferences for learning more about digital technologies, workflow disruptions, and market insight for the Asia-Pacific. VIAexpo 2019 will feature 50 companies as exhibitors including Airbus, Boeing, and Dassault Aviation. Other confirmed exhibitors are RION from Japan, Jetstream from Singapore, Skyplan from the UAE, and Gama Aviation from the UK.

The organizers are expecting visitors from 30 countries with an estimated turnout of 4,000 people. The products to be displayed at the show fall into several categories; these are aircraft interiors, airport lighting systems, airport security, cleaning equipment, commercial jets, and mobile apps. A strong incentive for attending is Vietnam’s newly minted status as a bright spot for regional aviation. The country’s airlines are expected to splurge billions of dollars in the coming decade as they undertake a massive expansion. One estimate suggests as many as 300 brand new commercial jets are needed to meet the country’s soaring demand for air transport.

Another bright spot is in maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) since this niche is underdeveloped. As national airports are enlarged and new logistics infrastructure put in place, MRO becomes paramount as the volume of air traffic to meet trade volumes rises year on year. Taking part in VIAexpo 2019 means gaining a fresh perspective on what’s still missing in Vietnam’s aerospace industry and the opportunities for companies looking for an exciting new market. The host city is a draw as well. Ho Chi Minh is a superb business destination and the epicenter for Vietnam’s economic growth engine. Furthermore, Tan Son Nhat International Airport is recognized as the largest and most up to date in the country.

Visitors who are eager to scout opportunities in an emerging market like Vietnam should register. VIAexpo 2019 is happening from November 20 to 22 in Ho Chi Minh City. 21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a media partner for the show.

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