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Companies Can Now Book Their Stands For AeroDef 2019

August 8, 2019

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A unique industry-specific trade show is happening in Bengaluru from December 3 to 5 this year. The third installment of AeroDef India–billed as an expo for defense manufacturing, supply chain, and sub-contracting–will be held at the immense BIEC complex and offers space for up to 200 exhibitors. The show’s organizer Infinity Expo Pvt Ltd are now welcoming serious inquiries from the Asia-Pacific, the European Union, and North America. Companies who serve the aerospace supply chain and have any kind of role in military production are encouraged to get in touch and explore their options.

AeroDef India 2019 is an irresistible opportunity to explore India’s growing role as a destination for high value manufacturing and engineering. 21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a recognized media partner for the show.

AeroDef India 2019 stands out as the only credible local event of its size that caters to the manufacturing technology providers who drive aerospace innovation. The success of its previous installments have established its brand recognition as a distinctive meeting place where deals are explored and subsequently established. This makes AeroDef India 2019 a worthy platform where professional visitors can expect the giants of aerospace participating side-by-side with the most cutting edge startups.

The venue for AeroDef India 2019 is just as noteworthy. The BIEC or Bangalore International Exhibition Center is a gigantic location boasting a total area of 56 acres that combines various amenities, an environmentally conscious layout, and spacious exhibition halls. Given the importance of Bengaluru’s high tech and manufacturing sectors (the city promotes itself as “India’s Silicon Valley”) BIEC’s indoor exhibition spaces or halls offer 60,000 square meters for trade shows and other niche events. Transport infrastructure and hospitality options around the venue are commendable for global business travelers.

Companies that belong to these seven categories are encouraged to join AeroDef India 2019:

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Aircraft Parts
  • Avionics
  • Components
  • Engineering
  • Materials and Composites
  • MRO

Both exhibitors and visitors in AeroDef India 2019 have several activities they can look forward to during the show, whether it’s B2B or P2P networking or sourcing new suppliers. Additional draws for taking part in AeroDef India 2019 are the macro-factors that reveal a positive local environment for the “defense aerospace” sector. India is already recognized among the top five markets for the global aviation industry and is listed in the top 20 aircraft and spacecraft exporters in the world.

The benefits for companies who choose to exhibit in AeroDef India 2019 are substantial. The event offers anyone attending a convenient glimpse into the state of advanced manufacturing. As if this weren’t motivation enough, marketing campaigns and other strategic efforts for raising brand and product awareness are well-served by an event like AeroDef India 2019, which is being held from December 3 to 5 in Bengaluru. Furthermore, companies eager to build joint ventures and other partnerships locally can launch these efforts during the show.

For any questions about how to book exhibition space and sponsorship rates, the organizer Infinity Expo Pvt Ltd can be reached via email: or


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