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DSE Vietnam 2019 Is Booking Exhibitors Right Now

June 13, 2019

Via Wikimedia Commons.

A brand new arms show is taking place in Hanoi from October 2 until 4 this year. The very first installment of DSE Vietnam is organized by Expo Services Pte Ltd, a regional events company, in collaboration with EIFEC and the Department of Armed Equipment and Warehousing. Additional support is provided by the host country’s Ministry of National Defense and Ministry of Public Security. The show marks a watershed of sorts for companies eager to win contracts supplying the Vietnam People’s Army and its branches, whose annual budget will keep growing until the mid-2020s.

Suppliers of export approved military and security products for all domains (air, border, cyber, land, maritime) are welcome to register now and reserve their exhibition stand. DSE Vietnam 2019 is also looking for presenters and sponsors who want greater visibility in a packed venue.

Companies that wish to participate in the show have four trends they can take advantage of:

  • Vietnam’s annual military spending is still going upward and currently estimated at $5.1 billion for this year. By 2020, this will reach $5.5 billion and total security spending can reach in excess of $20 billion by the year 2024.
  • The VPA, being one of the largest militaries in the region, are still modernizing and are eager to upgrade their equipment. Aerospace and maritime technology in particular are coveted.
  • The country’s large armed forces and government agencies have ambitious procurement goals, which should attract OEM’s hungry for exports.
  • With its consistent economic growth and newly industrialized status, Vietnam is ready to adopt the latest strategic technologies being offered by willing suppliers, whether it’s cutting edge data management, enhanced broadband connectivity or renewable power sources.

During the course of DSE Vietnam 2019 exhibitors can enjoy strong visitor turnout and international delegations. Another highlight is the presence of the defense ministry and the various state-owned entities that control Vietnam’s industrial sector. Here is a complete list of these participants:

  • Ministry of National Defense and the People’s Army
  • General Department of Defense Industry
  • General Import-Export Van Xuan Corporation
  • Defense Industry and Technical Economic Cooperation
  • Viettel Group
  • Engineering and Production Application Company Ltd.
  • Electronics Informatics Chemical Joint Stock Company
  • High Technology Application One Member Co. Ltd.
  • Thai Son Corporation

The following categories are the most sought after at DSE Vietnam 2019. Manufacturers and suppliers whose catalogs include one or more of these products are encouraged to inquire now about their prospects during the show.

  • Armored fighting vehicles
  • Ballistic protection
  • Biometrics
  • Border control equipment
  • CBRNe equipment
  • Civil defense and emergency equipment
  • Command and control equipment
  • C4I hardware and software
  • Electronic warfare products
  • Emergency healthcare
  • Explosive detection and protection equipment
  • Helicopters and rotorcraft
  • Logistics equipment
  • Marine and subsurface equipment
  • Radar and early warning systems
  • Small arms and light weapons
  • Unmanned systems

DSE Vietnam 2019 is the newest military and security exhibition in ASEAN, where regional arms shows are enjoying a surge in popularity. Visitors and sponsors who want to leave their mark on this historic event–the very first of its kind in years–shouldn’t hesitate reaching out and arranging their trip. 21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a media partner for DSE Vietnam 2019.

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