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This Ukrainian Arms Show Is Now Registering Exhibitors

May 15, 2019

Via Arms and Security show organizer.

The organizers behind Ukraine’s annual state-sponsored arms show want to attract even more participants than before. Each year, Arms and Security draws thousands of visitors who flock to the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv. Its latest installment spans four days, from October 8 to 11, and brings hundreds of exhibitors who are displaying their products indoors and outdoors. During Arms and Security 2018, for example, the transporter for Ukraine’s new road mobile anti-ship missile was put on static display.

21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) will help promote the Arms and Security exhibition in Kyiv this October.

Companies that wish to explore a new market and find opportunities in one of Europe’s oldest states should consider participating. Another benefit of taking part in the show is the exposure to technology from East and West. Aside from familiar NATO-standard military products, exhibitors and delegations from the Middle East and other Asian regions will be in the venue too. Ukraine, after all, is a serious arms exporter and its greatest demand comes from across the Black Sea.

Of course, the usual urgency applies to the show. Ever since its conflict with Russia started Ukraine has done what it can to revive its military industries. Specific types of equipment displayed at Arms and Security are either taken from the battlefield or about to enter service. But for the modernization of its armed forces to be successful Kyiv understands acquiring and adopting foreign technology has immense value too. This is the reason why the organizers welcome suppliers of military products in the following categories:

  • Weapons and equipment for soldiers.
  • Equipment for law enforcement and border control agencies.
  • Military aviation.

Arms and Security 2019 is attractive for companies who manufacture armored vehicles, communications and IT equipment, protective gear, small arms, and unmanned systems. Its scale is impressive, with its last outing attended by 24,000 visitors from 46 countries. This makes the show is a ideal venue for meeting with local executives and key government agencies, including the defense ministry and the state-owned manufacturing sector. Ukroboronprom, which functions as a vast holding company for essential national industries, is the largest presence at Arms and Security with up to 50 different companies under its umbrella.

Would-be exhibitors are encouraged to get in touch with the organizers for relevant details on booking a stand and preparing their booth. For inquiries, the organizers welcome any questions via

Below is a message from the organizers of Arms and Security 2019 meant for global companies:

We invite you to take part in the upcoming XVI International specialized exhibition “Arms and Security 2019” to be held in Kyiv, Ukraine from 8 to 11 October 2019. The exhibition conducted on the eve of the Day of Defender of Ukraine will have not only a great practical but also social significance. The exhibition is a unique tool for the deepening of military-technical cooperation with foreign partners; to strengthen domestic economic potential and for the union of all Ukrainian citizens, regardless of gender, nationality or religion, around the idea of building a new strong and prosperous Ukraine.

For any country, the possibility to hold a large-scale defence and security forum determined by the position in the global weapons market, by the level of development of its scientific and technological base and defense industry. Since 2004, the success of the exhibition Arms and Security has been a testament to the high authority of the national scientific and industrial complex in the design and manufacture of new types of weapons, military and special equipment, the quality of which has been repeatedly tested in real conditions, as well as position in the TOP 10 countries that export weapons, approved Ukraine’s right to have a large-scale international forum.

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