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This Vietnamese Arms Show Will Be Booking At IDEF 2019

April 24, 2019

Via Wikimedia Commons.

IDEF 2019 is taking place from April 30 until May 3 in Istanbul’s well-known Tuyap exhibition venue. The 14th installment of the regional arms show is the largest in Turkey with 477 local companies scheduled to exhibit. There are just as many foreign ones at the show along with a few organizers eager to book prospects for their own events. One example is the team behind DSE Vietnam 2019 that’s scheduled from October 2 to 4 at I.C.E. Hanoi.

The upcoming DSE Vietnam is organized by Expo Services Pte Ltd who are responsible for the successful ADAS arms shows in the Philippines. 21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a media partner for DSE Vietnam 2019.

What makes this year’s DSE Vietnam a magnet for exhibitors is its scope. Both the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of National Defense are supporting the event and suppliers for every type of equipment needed by Vietnam’s armed forces, from combat boots to unmanned systems, are welcomed. Billed as the first tri-service exhibitions for the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA), the marketing director for DSE Vietnam 2019 will be present in IDEF 2019 to entertain inquiries and help book exhibitors. To schedule a meeting with Mr. Menji Paggao, he can be reached via

The organizers of DSE Vietnam 2019 are ready to entertain any questions and book exhibitors in advance during IDEF 2019, whose size and scope is very similar to its Southeast Asian counterpart. Vietnam is an attractive market for suppliers of military and security equipment because of its rapid economic growth and strong demand in a large market. The VPA are a powerful institution with significant material needs for its nearly half a million members. There are refreshing possibilities to explore joint ventures in the coutnry sicne Vietnam has a robust manufacturing sector.

Another opportunity for exhibitors and sponsors at DSE Vietnam 2019 are the show’s conferences, whose topics are divided between Land Forces, Air Power, and Sea Power. Each of the conferences are open to all visitors and companies can book presentation slots for greater exposure. Regarding physical exhibition space, DSE Vietnam 2019’s booth rates are listed on the official website. Companies who wish to join DSE Vietnam can choose an open space with a minimum size of 18 square meters but they must coordinate with the event’s stand contractor to fulfill their design requirements.

For companies who desire a shell scheme, or a partially enclosed space, these have a minimum size of 12 sqm and varying open sides each have their own prices. An island booth with four open sides, for example, fetches an additional $200. While exhibitors are paying for every square meter they occupy, separate rates applies for registration based on their booth size.

A new arms show in Vietnam couldn’t come sooner. For decades the country had little access to global suppliers of military products and relied on its own state-owned industries but this started changing recently. With its annual budget for the armed forces pegged at a modest 2.5% of its nominal GDP, Vietnam manages to accomplish much with very little–compared with its ASEAN neighbors Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. Still, Vietnam’s geopolitical risks and strategic investments in its air force and navy are clear indicators Hanoi is very serious about its armed strength.

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