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Everything You Need To Know About VIDSE 2020

April 1, 2019

Via Wikimedia Commons.

Billed as “the first tri-service defense and security exhibition” in the Southeast Asian country, VIDSE is organized by Clarion Events, who are behind DSEI and its offshoots. This brave foray into Southeast Asia promises an arms show where a lot of big names in global military industry are joining. VIDSE 2020 is taking place at the National Convention Center in Hanoi from September 14 to 16. There will be strong participation by the armed forces, law enforcement, and other officials in government agencies and the organizer promises more than 120 exhibitors. 21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a media partner for VIDSE 2020.

Despite Vietnam’s strategic geography and a robust defense budget, the rising star in ASEAN hasn’t attracted a major arms show for a long time. Although smaller events involving the military did take place before, these were focused on disaster response and emergency services. A few extra details about VIDSE 2020 explained below.

Who’s behind it?

Three companies are responsible for putting together the whole show: Clarion Events, Trinton Events, and HADIFA. The last two are Vietnamese organizations. Clarion Events are renowned for their shows in London and other world capitols. This year, Clarion are launching the first DSEI Japan at the Makuhari Messe.

VIDSE 2020 is special in its own way. Vietnam has long been uncharted territory for the world’s leading military-industrial firms. (Except for the Russian ones, of course.) With the region’s arms shows limited to Malaysia and Singapore for ages, Vietnam is a refreshing destination where exhibitors from every corner of the planet are gathered under one roof.

Why attend?

Vietnam is the archetypal “emerging market” whose success story is dimmed by grave geopolitical risks (read: a maritime dispute with China). Hanoi also spends a lot on the armed forces, with the total annual budget on track to reach $7 billion by decade’s end. This means serious opportunities for manufacturers and suppliers of military products are on the horizon.

As a tri-service arms show, VIDSE 2020 is bringing together air, land, and maritime equipment and technology needed by Vietnam, from uniforms to unmanned systems. Vietnam does have a thriving armaments sector, by the way, so joint ventures are no doubt in the works. The show itself promises an impressive outdoor static display where a lot of hardware will be arranged for public viewing.

The People’s Army

The country’s armed forces could be the largest in Southeast Asia, but this is debatable given the total military strength of Indonesia and Myanmar. On paper, Vietnam boasts more than half a million men under arms with at least 5 million trained citizens counted as reserves. In this decade alone, Vietnam received new anti-ship missiles, diesel-electric submarines, multirole fighters, SAMs, and a lot of aid from its newfound allies. In fact, Vietnam is among the largest arms importers in Southeast Asia.

The organizers behind VIDSE 2020 teased upcoming tenders for armored vehicles and artillery. They also mentioned Vietnam’s growing submarine fleet.

The Venue

VIDSE 2020 spans three days at the immense National Convention Center in Hanoi. The organizers are promising more than 5,000 visitors in attendance for the duration of the show. Many are delegations and VIPs from strategic government offices such as the defense ministry, the national armaments sector, commanding officers of the armed forces, and the directors of various public agencies.

The National Convention Center offers spaciousness and a welcome proximity to Hanoi’s best lodging for business travelers. Vietnam’s capitol is a vast metropolis with endless culinary choices and an impressive heritage. This makes VIDSE 2020 a win for its location and setting.

Early Birds

With months to go before it starts, VIDSE 2020 is incentivizing companies to book now for a 10% discount on the show’s price list. Exhibitors who want to participate are spoiled for choices, with enclosed shell scheme or space only arrangements available. A shell scheme, by the way, is an indoor enclosure with three sides while space only is an open area for stand construction.

Exhibitors have the choice of a standard booking with a fixed price per square meter. But high profile companies are allowed to explore bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and headline sponsorships. The last two packages, by the way, each have a suite of perks. To learn more about VIDSE 2020, the organizers are distributing brochures via online registration.


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