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Why Attend FEINDEF 2019 In Spain?

March 19, 2019

Via Wikimedia Commons.

From May 29 until 31 a new arms show is taking place at Madrid’s IFEMA trade show venue. The first installment of the Feria Internacional de la Defensa or FEINDEF 2019 seeks to provide a world class exhibition for companies and visitors alike. The organizers Grupo Metalia collaborated with various partners to ensure local industries are well represented and fresh business opportunities are explored. FEINDEF 2019 is bringing together Spain’s military-industrial sector and the trusted suppliers to its security agencies. To raise its profile even higher, some of the biggest names in European and North American aerospace and military technology will be occupying substantial floor space.

21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a media partner entrusted with helping promote FEINDEF 2019. To better understand the importance of FEINDEF 2019, readers should know…


FEINDEF 2019 is supported by the Spanish defense ministry; a civilian trade association called TEDAE that represents Spain’s military-industrial sector; and the European Defense Agency (EDA). The event welcomes delegations from the EU and the rest of Europe, North and South America, North Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Ranking officers from the national armed forces and law enforcement agencies such as the Guardia Civil are attending as well. The executives and management of the world’s largest aerospace and military technology companies are at FEINDEF 2019 too.


Spain always had exhibitions catering to its military industries whose output was well integrated with the rest of the NATO alliance. But FEINDEF 2019 was conceptualized to create a viable brand that holds its own against the larger arms shows on the continent such as DSEI in Britain or the Eurosatory-series in France. When the organizers Grupo Metalia announced FEINDEF 2019 in the previous year they intended to establish a biennial event that serves its audience and promotes the armaments sector. With the amount of preparation that went on behind the scenes, FEINDEF 2019 is poised to make a grand debut and become a potential runaway success.


According to the organizer, FEINDEF 2019 features 108 exhibiting companies from eight countries and will draw several thousand visitors. The scope of the show’s activities are broad, ranging from aerospace to cybersecurity to IoT and training simulators. Professionals who want to build connections or meet with leaders of the Spanish armed forces and its partner institutions should mark their calendars for FEINDEF 2019. The show promises abundant opportunities to exchange contact details and learn about emerging trends. The organizer welcomes fresh applications from would-be exhibitors who can download a blank form here.


The organizers have confirmed the participation of Spain’s emergency services, including the army’s EMU, the Guardia Civil, and Madrid 112. They represent the broad scope of national security and are trained to function alongside the armed forces during a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis. Grupo Metalia emphasized how exhibitors at FEINDEF 2019 includes suppliers for agencies tasked with post-disaster evacuation, disasters response, and medical emergencies. This makes the show an important platform for reviewing Spain’s technological sector and how it serves the country’s security needs.


Of course, FEINDEF 2019 is happening in Madrid, with its superb cuisine and historic locations, and the venue’s charming amenities are celebrated by visitors. Indeed, FEINDEF 2019’s first installment is timed to match Spain’s newfound exuberance as its economic growth picks up. Nominal GDP growth for 2019 hovers near an impressive 2.5% and the country is recognized as the 16th largest export economy in the world. The country’s manufacturing sector, by the way, is world class and Spanish companies have important roles as suppliers for aerospace, automotive, maritime, medical hardware, and other high value technology products.


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