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The India Homeland Security Expo 2019: Why Visit?

February 3, 2019

The fifth installment of the India Homeland Security Expo (IHSE) is taking place from July 19 to 20 at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. The event coincides with two other shows organized by Nexgen Exhibitions; these are the International Police Expo and Drone International Expo. IHSE 2019 caters to the armed forces, government agencies, and law enforcement and is a compelling opportunity for suppliers who want a stronger presence in South Asia. Ample floor space spread across halls 8, 9, and 10 and cost friendly rates are further incentives for participating.

21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is recognized as an online media partner for IHSE 2019. Companies who wish to exhibit can now book their stall online. Here are a few reasons to consider visiting the show:

  • With India now ranked the third largest economy in Asia, its security environment remains complex. Events such as IHSE 2019 are an ideal occasion for enterprises to stake out opportunities and cultivate ties with their desired clientele. Beyond physical security, applications for cybersecurity and surveillance are welcome. Companies who want to explore transferring their business operations locally are welcome too.
  • The powerful Ministry of Defense will be a constant presence at IHSE 2019. Given the costs and size of its procurement efforts it’s vital for suppliers to have both access and visibility. IHSE 2019 is that rare event undertaken by a private sector organizer to create a space where the thorny business of acquisitions are settled. Indeed, companies who miss out on the often chaotic proceedings of the biennial DefExpo should have IHSE 2019 marked on their calendars.
  • India’s armed forces and law enforcement agencies are undergoing some of the most ambitious modernization efforts in the world today. Aside from the defense ministry, IHSE 2019 will draw uniformed service members who are either tasked to learn about new trends in their profession or explore certain products. At the very least, IHSE 2019 is useful for cultivating new friends and partnerships that may lead to a company’s next joint ventures.
  • The maddening pace of innovation is sometimes hard to follow. Organizations who’ve developed new technology or dual use applications should consider IHSE 2019 as the premier event for local exposure in South Asia and discussing opportunities that impact their bottom line. For example, makers of wearable cameras for law enforcement agencies and protective services can secure a large enough booth for displaying a product line that’s suited for both the homeland security niche and the military.
  • Aside from being an unmissable event for displaying hardware, IHSE 2019 is a great fit for companies that look after the needs of emergency services and rescue teams. To give an example, suppliers of med kits and other accessories that save lives in dangerous situations will enjoy a large audience and must be prepared to receive multiple inquiries about their catalogs. The market is not only large, but ever growing, and any deals closed during the show are bound to be on a serious scale.

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