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These Are Traits Every Risk Consultant Should Possess

January 25, 2019

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The dangerous risks of maintaining business operations on a global scale aren’t diminishing. This should motivate boards and company leadership to prepare contingencies for when disaster strikes. Whether it’s a missing employee with sensitive data or financial irregularities within the organization, a particular individual who can help resolve these crises is the risk consultant. Beyond the legal muscles an enterprise can count on in times of distress, the risk consultant enjoys a few advantages over a lawyer. Their investigative skills are often superior to an attorney’s and their willingness to find solutions for thorny issues can help save costs.

But a successful risk consultant does possess a few other qualities that are a huge gain for their clients. These are:


Risk consultants must be at ease with explaining their ideas to an audience. This is a vital aspect of the job as business leaders and the managers they employ are the most likely to need input from security professionals.


Because the nature and methodologies of threats evolve over time, risk consultants can be stuck with old assumptions or an outdated mindset. They must stay up to date on the powerful trends and valuable lessons learned on how organizations are harmed and hurt by malicious actors.


It’s not hyperbole to declare risk consultants a rare breed. They usually are, having transitioned to the private sector after an earlier career in either law enforcement or a sensitive role in a government agency. The best risk consultants have decades of firsthand experience to count on when dealing with tough cases.


A risk consultant doesn’t exist in a bubble. Whether its the arcane science of data encryption or the slimy tactics of fraudsters, risk consultants know how to frame a situation and crack the case by any (legal) means necessary. A risk consultant can’t afford to stay out of the loop or in get stuck in the margins. A risk consultant strives and thrives on the present and future.


Aside from their previous work experience, risk consultants shouldn’t shy away from honing their expertise and getting certified. Regardless of age or popularity, risk consultants always need to brush up on new skills and practices that keep them in demand.

An example of a commendable boutique security firm is Adsum Risk Consulting or ARC. It was founded by John F. Walker, a US Air Force veteran and certified CISM and CSO, after three decades working in collaboration with various law enforcement and intelligence agencies. His skills in risk consulting were honed over a decade working for the biggest names in corporate security like G4S, Pinkerton, and Pointer. Since launching ARC, the firm has developed three broad risk specializations: business, information, and security. Does your organization need a risk consultant?

ARC can be reached here or email them at



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