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Subscribe To The 21AAR Telegram Channel

December 28, 2018

Readers who can’t be bothered with clicking the bookmark icon on their web browser are welcome to join the official 21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) Telegram channel. Simply find the link in the app’s search bar and subscribe! Desktop and mobile users alike can use the search function to find the 21AAR channel and then select “Join Channel” at the upper right (desktop) or”Join” (mobile) at the bottom of the screen. Subscribing to 21AAR is recommended for those who either use Telegram on a daily basis or avoid surfing the web for their reading habit.

Telegram is an encrypted chatting app that claims to have active users in the hundreds of millions per month. It’s also a watering hole of sorts for the cryptocurrency scene. But Telegram is a pretty convenient tool for following news and other topics as well.

But why subscribe to the 21AAR Telegram  channel? Here are a few reasons to.


Each year 21AAR provides coverage and exposure to at least several dozen arms shows and conferences. These are necessary to give readers a fresh perspective on emerging trends in the global arms market, whose constant evolution reflects whatever is shaking up international politics. Professionals in energy, finance, government, manufacturing, and security are encouraged to follow 21AAR for insights on the latest know-how and products that may impact their industries.


The Asian continent is fast becoming a major contributor to the commerce of lethal technology. 21AAR takes pride in being one of the few dedicated online resources that analyzes the transit of weapon systems and military equipment from one country to another. Readers curious about their country’s armed forces and the procurement of advanced capabilities by rising powers are well-served by 21AAR’s dependable high quality output.


A lot of 21AAR’s attention is devoted to new weapon systems being deployed with regional militaries. Be it assault rifles or UAVs, whatever new hardware is made for Asia’s soldiers does end up here, from the harmless to the harmful. 21AAR is equally committed to publishing paywall-free articles that broaden the reader’s understanding of how today’s weapons are transforming how armies will fight tomorrow.


It’s now an unavoidable fact of life that several powerful countries want to change the world’s future. If not by economic competition and collaboration, then by multi-spectrum forcefulness. Some may insist the world is still in an unprecedented state of peace. But there’s enough evidence to prove the contrary–the peace of our world is anxious and fragile. Why are Israel and Iran always at odds? How come the South China Sea squabble is so complicated?

21AAR helps its readers understand these great and small showdowns that are pushing us to the brink.


In case the reader is curious about 21AAR’s origins, it was founded in June 2011 as a personal effort to assess the growth in military capabilities across Eurasia–the geopolitical space that spans the eastern half of the Asia-Pacific all the way to the Mediterranean coast. Although intended as a niche website employing a free WordPress template, the steady rise in 21AAR’s readership meant its content diversified as well. These now span detailed profiles for current weapon systems, text and picture heavy “listicles,” open source analysis of ongoing wars, and updates on military procurement.

Don’t forget the link to the 21AAR channel:


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