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What Expertise Do Risk Consultants Have?

November 29, 2018

Via Wikimedia Commons.

Business environments can be treacherous when best practices and the rule of law are uncommon. This is why the private sectors of Southeast Asian countries have niches occupied by thriving risk consultancies. What are risk consultancies? More than appendages to prestigious accounting firms and places where business owners go looking for guards, risk consultancies help their clients navigate around disasters waiting to happen.

Of course, it’s exciting to do business in Asia. But it can also be a headache and, in the absolutely worst circumstances imaginable, a total nightmare. Here are a few tasks where legit risk consultant excel at.


When organizations of any size have every conceivable reason to safeguard their stuff, whether it’s the C-suite’s luggage while they’re traveling or missing office supplies, a risk consultant is management’s best ally for preserving what the company owns. Now if a laptop with sensitive data is missing…a risk consultant is qualified to fix the situation.


VIPs are targets too. No matter their job title, if a leader’s attitude is naive, uninformed, and plain stupid, having a risk consultant on call can be a lifesaver. It isn’t just about theft, but extortion and grave physical threats to personal well-being. If a security detail is un-subtle, a risk consultant to smoothen business trips might work.


Are there anomalies in the organization’s finances? If this kind of crisis triggers a rift between the leadership and their staff, maybe it’s better for a risk consultant with a law enforcement background to step in. At least their methods are effective and quiet, with minimal chances of making matters worse.


This has nothing to do with movies! For example, if an organization is gearing up for a joint venture with a local partner, it makes sense to find out more about them. Southeast Asia’s “private sector” is a confusing place where people aren’t always what they seem. Simply put, if a shady character is up to some kind of mischief a real risk consultant can find out.


If an organization has its own security desk whose members need to hone their skills an ideal mentor for them is a veteran risk consultant. Thanks to their law enforcement and legal backgrounds (some are even retired military), risk consultants have decent organizational skills and a professional inclination toward best practices.

In the Philippines, Adsum Risk Consulting (ARC) is renowned for its track record helping clients overcome threats to their bottom line. The company was founded by John F. Walker, a US Air Force veteran and certified CISM and CSO, after three decades working in collaboration with various law enforcement and spy agencies. His qualifications in risk consulting were honed over a decade with the biggest names in corporate security like G4S, Pinkerton, and Pointer. If your organization needs a risk consultant ARC can be reached here.


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