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Honeywell Is Helping Modernize Indonesian Aerospace

November 24, 2018

Via Wikimedia Commons.

One of the US exhibitors at the recent IndoDefence 2018 tri-service arms show in Jakarta remains bullish about its opportunities in Southeast Asia. The public relations team of Honeywell reached out to (21AAR) in November for a brief about the manufacturer’s goals, which are now focused on platform modernization. To be specific, Honeywell can install a suite of avionics on legacy US-made aircraft still deployed by regional air forces.

The biggest draw, however, is Indonesia’s own TNI whose fixed and rotary fleet are among the largest in Southeast Asia. According to Tim Van Luven, who oversees Honeywell’s aftermarket sales in Asia, Honeywell offers five specific upgrades for C-130’s.

These are the EGI navigation tool; the EGPWS terrain mapping software; the HUMS sensor for monitoring aircraft integrity during disaster relief missions; a Honeywell Radar Altimeter for measuring terrain features; and the RDR-4000M Weather Radar System. Van Luven also explained two other subsystems that Honeywell can install on C-130’s, the JetWave satellite communications system and the Viper mobile data terminal. Both allow C-130 crews to stay in touch with command centers and other in-theater aircraft during missions. Honeywell insisted its renewed efforts at marketing its aircraft upgrades are now geared for humanitarian and post-disaster operations given the risk posed by extreme weather to coastal populations in Southeast Asia.

Honeywell’s relationship with Indonesia’s aerospace sector and military goes back decades. Aside from upgrades to C-130’s the manufacturer supplies avionics to the air force’s F-16C/D multirole fighters and South Korean-made T-50 single engine trainers. Honeywell is also responsible for delivering the PTE331 engines used on the locally assembled NC212i light transport plane. A little known aspect of Honeywell’s activities in Indonesia are its CSR projects. Aside from financial aid for post-disaster reconstruction in affected communities Honeywell reaches out to schools where it promotes STEM courses.

Van Luven revealed Honeywell has accepted Indonesian middle school teachers for its Honeywell Educators at Space Academy to promote STEM subjects. Beyond STEM promotion, Honeywell launched joint ventures with the Bandung Institute of Technology and Universitas Indonesia to cultivate engineering talent. It’s also funding a “connected control lab” at the Universitas Gadjah Mada that will form a network of education centers for “distance learning and cloud cooperation.”

IndoDefence 2018 took place from November 7 to 10 in Jakarta and brought together the world’s largest military-industrial enterprises under one roof. The four-day show featured three smaller verticals focused on aerospace, rotary aircraft, and naval systems and shipbuilding. Indonesia’s air force maintain an inventory of French, Russian, and US assets. Indonesia also has a state-owned aircraft manufacturer with a large portfolio and a minor track record of exports. A combination of economic size and geography ensures Jakarta’s high value manufacturing and technology base will grow in coming years as more foreign firms transfer services and production to local facilities.

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