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Here Are Four Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Risk Consultant

November 18, 2018

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Emerging markets can be dangerous. Beneath the allure of glossy advertising and shimmering cityscapes, doing business in countries where best practices and the rule of law aren’t deeply entrenched are serious challenges for large organizations. For leaders in charge of teams who need to build a strong local presence, being unfamiliar with the risks in the business landscape can be mitigated by having security professionals at hand.

In the Philippines, for example, where corruption and fraud are rampant, a risk consultant is the easiest countermeasure when faced by threats to one’s assets, reputation, and bottom line. Here’s what they can do to help.

  1. They screen your clients and prospective employees.
  2. Risk consultants are able to advise leaders about threats.
  3. Internal fraud? A risk consultant can investigate.
  4. Something is lost? They’ll find it.

The most important job a risk consultant can perform when untangling a problem in the Philippine setting is getting to the bottom of things. Whether it involves the suspicious physical address of an “investor” or missing company property, a certified risk consultant has the expertise to unravel these conundrums. It often helps if they have either an investigative or law enforcement background. What makes them essential in the business landscape of the Philippines is the country’s dismal public agencies. Not to knock the hardworking civil servants who do their utmost serving the citizenry, but their efforts aren’t enough when up against the everyday terrors stalking the private sector.

Another persistent threat to small and large companies in the Philippines are financial shenanigans by employees. In fact, the highest percentage of crimes in any workplace is usually theft by the rank and file where anything not nailed down can–and will–be stolen. Of course, money is the most common target. The motivations vary from case to case, but the damage is real.

A boutique firm specializing in dealing with the threats that bedevil medium and large enterprises is Adsum Risk Consulting (ARC). ARC was founded by John F. Walker, a US Air Force veteran and certified CISM and CSO, after three decades working in collaboration with various law enforcement and intelligence agencies. His bonafides in risk consulting were honed over a decade working for the biggest names in corporate security like G4S, Pinkerton, and Pointer. Since launching ARC, the firm has developed three broad risk specializations: business, information, and security.

ARC’s distinctive skill set applies to different industries as well. Medium and large companies in sectors like banking and finance; business process outsourcing; communications and IT; construction and real estate; energy and transportation; manpower and recruitment; as well as manufacturing and other heavy industries can benefit from having veteran risk consultants assist them with best practices. If your organization needs a risk consultant ARC can be reached here or email them at

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