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Look At These Amazing Photos From Interpolitex 2018

October 30, 2018

Via Bizon/Interpolitex 2018.

The largest homeland security and law enforcement exhibition in Russia concluded in Moscow last week. The 22nd installment of Interpolitex took place from October 23 until 26. The annual event is a showcase for local Russian companies who supply the emergency services, interior ministry, police, and the army’s special forces. Although some foreign exhibitors to participate, the scope and scale of Interpolitex 2018 was dominated by Russian brands.

This year’s event featured the official launch for “Security of the Future” Forum to promote best practices and high technology solutions in the public and private sectors. Here are a selection of photos from the show floor. 21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a media partner for Interpolitex 2018.

A bigger selection of images taken at the event can be found at the Interpolitex 2018 photo gallery.

The GM-94 grenade launcher is often seen with Russian special forces. Check out the ADS “amphibious” bullpup rifle on the top right and the RG-6 grenade launcher below it. Via Russian media.


Zala Aero is known for its handheld drones. But the large airframe pictured here is the ZALA 421-16E5V2, a medium altitude surveillance UAV. Via Russian media.


This scale model of a fixed wing armed UAV looks like the Burevestnik from Belarus. Via Russian media.


Is this exoskeleton meant for training or real work? Via Russian media.


The Typhoon VDV is the best protected 4×4 in the Russian military. It can be armed with a 30mm cannon. Other types of armored vehicles were displayed at Interpolitex 2018. Via Russian media.


Handheld devices for eliminating and/or jamming drones are a fixture in military and security exhibitions everywhere. This one comes with a folding bipod, illumination, and a laser dot sight. Via Russian media.

These images along with many others from Interpolitex 2018 can be viewed in a slide show at the event’s official site.

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