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Five Sure Signs Your Onsite Security Sucks

October 25, 2018

Via Wikimedia Commons.

The longer any company stays in business, the bigger the threats it will face. But it’s important to differentiate the trouble brewing in any organization–much of it happens from within–and the trouble waiting to pounce from outside, which is rarer. When people aren’t the cause then it might just be a case of vital information (names, passwords, release dates) slipping from the office to the world beyond the office. With the threat environment for businesses becoming more and more complicated as time goes by, how are organizations everywhere supposed to cope?

The first crucial step is making sure these mistakes don’t ever happen. And if they do, fix them!

1. Dead Visibility

Are those CCTV cameras in the lobby and around the building supposed to deter bad people? Are they even functioning or is their effect supposed to be “psychological”? Look, if the company paid for Orwellian surveillance in the workplace, then make sure it’s online all the time and always on full Orwell.

2. In And Out, In And Out

Not a day goes by when hundreds of people are coming and going and even leaving stuff behind. So who’s keeping tabs on all this action? Nobody?

Prepare to get fucked.

3. Patchy Records

So when did “that guy” show up and ask about his appointment? Nobody knows for sure. Didn’t he have ID on him? Nope.

If security can’t filter warm bodies then it’s not doing its job.

4. Stuff Goes Missing

When the company car hasn’t been seen in its designated parking slot for more than a week, it might have been stolen. Or somebody is using it for personal errands. That’s not allowed, right?

5. Where Are The Gatekeepers?

So the walk-in applicant just walked straight in. If they can do it, so can the dude who’ll probably disappear with a thumb drive filled with top secret blueprints or somebody’s laptop.

In any decent mid-sized company there’s at least a receptionist to screen the new arrival and confirm his or her purpose for visiting. It helps to issue a temporary ID for the duration of their visit.

6. Get In Touch With ARC!

What you just read might be ridiculous but they’re all plausible scenarios that do happen and their effects hurt businesses everywhere. Are these embarrassing likelihoods too familiar, though? This is because they describe how businesses in the Philippines operate. One boutique firm that built a solid reputation as a security troubleshooter in Asia is Adsum Risk Consulting (ARC). Large organizations that want to navigate difficult institutional and external risks are best served by having experience security professionals on their side. So do get in touch with ARC here.


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