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When Do You Hire A Risk Consultant?

October 11, 2018

Via Wikimedia Commons.

Organizations that enter unpredictable business environments are ill-served by complacent leadership and zero foresight. While the size of some emerging markets is reason enough for executives to dive in, it’s always better if well-scripted plans are ready for what can go wrong. Among the worst any business can go through are physical harm on employees and the theft of its assets.

If either these have a good chance of happening, a risk consultant is a good investment. Especially ones who have decades of experience behind them. One seasoned firm in Southeast Asia is Adsum Risk Consulting (ARC). Not only do they know the region well but their input can help streamline business processes to avoid unwanted outcomes.

Reducing threats in an unpredictable setting like Southeast Asia isn’t easy to do. More than local knowledge and mindfulness it does help if both high profile executives and large organizations have the resources for securing what they hold dear. If a lawyer can smoothen legal tangles, a risk consultant is there to snuff out potential security wildfires. With three decades of success behind them, ARC have the instincts and skills to keep any business from harm’s way.

Adsum Risk was founded by ex-US Air Force special investigator John Walker. With 20 years of law enforcement and risk consulting behind him, Walker launched ARC as a solutions provider for medium and large enterprises who need to secure their activities in emerging markets. The Philippines, for example, has enjoyed decades of robust economic growth and there won’t be a slowdown any time soon. But this doesn’t mean law enforcement and regulatory compliance are up to the same standards as the West.

What makes ARC stand out are the broadness of its solutions. Where most private security companies in the Philippines are confined to old fashioned routines, ARC’s services can be tailored for each client’s needs. Walker’s unique approach to risk consulting comes from direct experience. After serving in the Middle East during Operation Desert Shield/Storm, Walker cut his teeth doing counterintelligence and embassy security. By the time he moved to the private sector he had soaked in additional years worth of valuable lessons in assignments across Southeast Asia.

For companies that need a robust capability against the threats posed by fraud, corporate espionage, and IP theft, ARC’s track record and unparalleled expertise makes them a natural first choice in business risk services. Get in touch now.

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