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Learn More About Adsum Risk Consulting

September 25, 2018

Via Wikimedia Commons.

Risk is the grim specter haunting every human enterprise. In business as in life, risk can upend the mundane and become a nightmare for the unfortunate person victimized by fraud or preyed upon by criminals. This is why risk consulting, just like legal consulting, must be available to large organizations who are doing business in emerging markets. Mitigating risk isn’t just about connections and local knowledge. It’s a broad awareness of the trouble lurking behind every corner.

For best results, having professionals on the case lessens the chance of minor disasters becoming uncontrollable wildfires. Adsum Risk Consulting (ARC) is a boutique firm that handles these kinds of crises on a regular basis.

Adsum Risk was founded by ex-US Air Force special investigator John Walker. With 20 years of law enforcement and risk consulting behind him, Walker launched ARC as a solutions provider for medium and large enterprises who need to secure their activities in emerging markets. The Philippines, for example, has enjoyed 20 years of uninterrupted economic growth and there won’t be a slowdown any time soon. But this doesn’t mean law enforcement and regulatory compliance are up to the same standards as the West.

What makes ARC standout is its rarity and the broadness of its solutions. Where most private security companies in the Philippines are confined to old fashioned routines, ARC’s services can be tailored for each client’s needs. Walker’s unique approach to risk consulting comes from direct experience. After serving in the Middle East during Operation Desert Shield/Storm, Walker cut his teeth doing counterintelligence and embassy security. By the time he moved to the private sector he had soaked in additional years worth of valuable lessons in assignments across Southeast Asia.

One particular event in Walker’s past looms larger, however. When a US serviceman in the Philippines was murdered by unknown assailants in 1989, Walker’s efforts were directly responsible for the arrest and prosecution of four suspects. Walker’s other bonafides extend to direct collaboration with government security agencies in Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. Like its founder, ARC’s risk consultants have a wealth of best practices to draw on when helping a client. One critical specialty is protective services for either physical locations or high-ranking personnel. ARC is also willing to arrange training courses on personal safety.

Another vital service ARC provides is helping organizations, whether in government or the private sector, investigate fraud and other suspicious activities. So if your organization needs a risk consultant ARC can be reached here.

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