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ADAS 2018 Starts This Week!

September 24, 2018

The third installment of the Asian Defense, Security and Crisis Management Exhibition (ADAS) is from September 26 until 28 and will take place at the World Trade Center. ADAS 2018 is the largest tri-service military-security exhibition in the Philippines and is organized by APAC Expo. It’s also one of the few occasions where all relevant government agencies are participating alongside national pavilions. Nearly 200 companies are joining in this year and a few of them are featured below.

Visitors who haven’t registered online can do so in person at the venue where they can claim entrance passes. Admission is free for active military personnel from all branches and arriving in groups is encouraged. 21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a media partner for ADAS 2018.

Damen Shipyards

The shipbuilder from the Netherlands is undoubtedly eager to position itself as Manila’s next best option for naval assets. Damen’s earlier success with Sigma-class corvettes for Indonesia’s navy will embolden their efforts at pitching patrol craft and other specialized hulls to the Philippines. These should catch the Philippine Coast Guard’s attention as it plans on enhancing its fleet. But there will be other shipbuilders at ADAS 2018 too.


Since their last appearance at ADAS 2016, the Brazilian aerospace giant has managed to secure a fresh order for Super Tucano light attack aircraft that are indispensable in counterisurgencies. This year, Embraer’s main goal should be enticing the Philippine Air Force (PAF) to place orders for either more Super Tucano’s or specialized airframes like light transports. The Philippines’ security environment suits Embraer’s specialties compared to what other aerospace firms offer, so there’s a good chance new deals are in the works.

General Dynamics

Whatever regional geopolitics may suggest, the US is still the Philippines’ main ally in the Asia-Pacific. General Dynamics Mission Systems boasts an enormous portfolio that suits whatever current requirements the Philippine military announce. Simply put, anything Manila needs for territorial defense is available from General Dynamics. But the priority these days is stuff for the aerial and maritime domains so General Dynamics’ brightest prospects are with the air force and navy. Is there demand for underwater drones? General Dynamics have a bunch on sale!

Larsen & Toubro

For several years now Delhi has tried to woo Manila with promises of “defense” equipment. But there’s little evidence of an alliance emerging. This hasn’t discouraged some of India’s biggest companies from trying to win strategic business in the Philippines. While they aren’t well-known, L&T have an impressive track record for naval shipbuilding. So once again, the PN and the PCG are the obvious benefactors in any deal that surfaces.

PT Pindad

The world still hasn’t noticed the budding partnership shared by Jakarta and Manila. It’s true that a lot of exhibitors from the ASEAN have flocked to ADAS in the past because the Philippines is such an attractive market. But Indonesia’s state-owned manufacturing sector will be out in force to close some serious deals. PT Pindad’s specialties are broad, ranging from ammunition to industrial machinery, and these can meet the armed forces’ constant need for stuff that modern army’s need. It’s a win-win!

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