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Adsum Risk Consulting Is Your Security Troubleshooter

August 31, 2018

Multinationals that operate in emerging markets need very deep knowledge of local conditions for them to thrive. Beyond the differences in business cultures, many developing countries don’t have robust laws that keep their private sectors from becoming infested with crime. This is why business leaders who want to ride a wave of economic growth are best served by experienced risk consultants who can steer them away from disaster.

For more than a decade now Adsum Risk Consulting (ARC) has worked across Southeast Asia helping businesses deal with unexpected risks. Staffed by experienced professionals with military and law enforcement backgrounds, ARC is a boutique service provider that excels in navigating any crisis.

In the Philippines, where yearly nominal GDP growth is averaging 6.5%, the transformation of its workforce and their business processes can bring unwelcome risks to organizations. According to ARC’s John F. Walker, a specialist in counterintelligence and investigations, the damage caused by fraud within companies makes it the primary headache for executives whose time and effort are geared towards profitable goals. But tackling fraud is always a delicate task because the grunt work involved happens after the crime.

Dealing with fraud, whose consequences are harmful for both people and reputations, and other varieties of white collar crime are what makes ARC’s team especially qualified for taking on other headaches for large and medium-sized enterprises. These span background checks and due diligence; providing on-site security and VIP protective details; helping businesses secure their IP and their property; and training programs for employees.

Reducing threats in an unpredictable setting like Southeast Asia isn’t easy to do. More than local knowledge and mindfulness, it does help if both high profile executives and large organizations have the resources for securing what they hold dear. If a lawyer can smoothen legal tangles, a risk consultant is there to snuff out potential wildfires. The skillset for the latter is what ARC specializes in.

ARC was founded by John F. Walker, a US Air Force veteran and certified CISM and CSO, after three decades working in collaboration with various law enforcement and spy agencies. His bonafides in risk consulting were honed over a decade working for the biggest names in corporate security like G4S, Pinkerton, and Pointer. Since launching ARC, the firm has developed three broad risk specializations: business, information, and security.

If your organization needs a risk consultant ARC can be reached here or email them at


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