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Adsum Risk Can Save Your Business From Trouble

June 29, 2018

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Emerging markets are tough. While multinationals get excited by the lure of a growing middle class and lower costs, their presence locally can attract unwanted attention. Just as retaining a law firm to troubleshoot legal issues is a necessary expense, having a risk consultant at hand goes a long way in protecting a company’s bottom line.

With 30 years of experience dealing with threats to businesses and organizations, Adsum Risk Consulting (ARC) is a dependable partner for navigating the pitfalls that litter the Philippines’ colorful business landscape. On its own, ARC covers everything from background checks to corporate spies. Here are four business risks they’re adept at handling.

Due Diligence

For investors who want to tap the Philippines’ growth prospects a trustworthy local partner is indispensable. Unfortunately, given the often lackluster regulatory enforcement and oversight in the private sector, contingencies are essential to safeguard an investor’s money.

ARC has decades of experience uncovering fraud and other shady transactions. If investors are having doubts about the joint venture they’re funding, ARC can get to the bottom of things–fast.

IP Protection

Patents and trademarks are so valuable for multinationals who want to launch operations in a new market. It’s too bad local competition can be insidious and manifest in different ways, like selling the same merchandise with an altered brand. Rather than try to shut down this unlawful activity when it’s caught, having a risk consultant like ARC at the ready guarantees better intellectual property (IP) protection.

When tasked to uncover any form of IP theft, ARC find the source and prepare the evidence needed by the lawful authorities. It’s plainly by-the-book and effective too.

On-Site Security

Organizations that handle vital services need to be aware of the risks that can harm their work. ARC’s team is comprised of military and law enforcement veterans who know the value of physical security. Whether it’s a short training course for the rank and file or proper employee screening, ARC can do a lot to lessen the load of protecting an enterprise from zero days.

ARC’s broad expertise in defeating malicious actors is useful for organizations who want outside threats reduced to nil.

White Collar Crime

While organizations must always recognize the need to protect their data and property from threats without, more often than not disruptive activities are committed by people from the inside. A very common white collar crime is theft of a company’s assets by the employees. It’s even worse when money is being siphoned off the books–or the cash register–without raising any red flags.

When it comes to internal investigations for uncovering suspicious activities, ARC’s own track record is substantial. With their help, if a thieving accountant or manager needs to get caught, they will be.

If your organization is looking for a risk consultant right now, you can get in touch with ARC here.

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