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Adsum Risk Is A Leading Security Consultant In Southeast Asia

June 7, 2018

Via Wikimedia Commons.

With the 10 countries forming the ASEAN bloc enjoying continuous economic growth it’s not surprising that risks to businesses have multiplied. A combination of institutional weakness and rampant crime pose serious threats to multinationals undertaking emerging market strategies. This is why a capability for dealing with risk in any form is paramount.

Absent a dedicated team of professionals already employed by the multinational organization, having access to risk or security consultants is essential for success in any major Southeast Asian mega city. Since everything from data to IP is fair game for malicious actors, companies specializing in protecting these have an important role in smooth business operations.

One independent security firm of note is Adsum Risk Consulting or ARC. Their expertise involves:

Background Checks and Due-Diligence

Since ARC’s own investigators are veteran military and law enforcement professionals, conducting extensive background checks and employee screening on behalf of organizations are specialties. For institutional clients, however, ARC offers a bespoke due-diligence methodology that’s applicable to business prospects such as acquisitions, joint ventures, and mergers.

Companies who wish to enter an emerging market like the Philippines, for example, can have ARC perform a “deep dive” on local partners and provide a fair assessment of how trustworthy they are.

Executive Protection

Because C-level executives and even middle management travel with sensitive data or knowledge it’s important to vouch for their personal safety. ARC can provide a dependable and thorough executive protection strategy tailored to the client’s needs. Whether it’s bodyguards or a chauffeur service for visiting celebrities or dignitaries, ARC has a stable of trained professionals with local knowledge and deep situational awareness.

ARC is also prepared to assist clients who are at risk from extortion and/or kidnapping.

IP Protection

With multinationals eager to share trademarks and licenses with local partners it’s important these don’t end up on counterfeit merchandise or worse–reverse engineered competing products. Given ARC’s strong foundation in private investigative services, its own approach to fighting IP theft and counterfeiting is both subtle and robust. Organizations that are bringing their prized IP to emerging markets can rely on ARC’s methods for protecting their bottom line against corporate espionage and theft.

ARC guarantees that it works discretely and in full compliance with local laws, with customer confidentiality and tact deemed sacred.

Fraud, Theft, and Insurance Claim Inquiries

To protect businesses from erring employees and unnecessary losses, ARC’s broad investigative experience can be utilized for sniffing out suspicious behavior in a white collar setting. The rigorous methodology applied to these cases is applicable to a very niche business risk–false insurance claims.

For both insurers and organizations dealing with fraud, ARC is superbly equipped to handle difficult cases where the client’s bottom line is at risk. Combining novel strategies with proven detective skills, ARC can solve cases without harming corporate reputations. When it comes to investigations, ARC’s team are effective and subtle.

Security Training

Since ARC employs specialists with a deep understanding of safety and security these skills can be transferred to a client’s own personnel via short courses. These are offered as modular programs that are applicable to every segment of an organization, from the rank and file until the leadership.

ARC is able to conduct training exercises for corporate security professionals, women employees, managers, and even members of an organization assigned transport duties–ARC has a “defensive driver” program for travelling in dangerous or unfamiliar areas.

Secure Records Destruction Management

If an organization needs to get rid of physical data ARC provides on-site and off-site procedures for destroying these. An on-site process is done with the client’s full cooperation and involves using ARC’s own tools for disposing of the material. ARC will perform the task in accordance to compliance statutes and the client’s own directions. Once the procedure is done, ARC can give the client a certificate and–if requested–provide video evidence and witness participation that are also certified.

If the client prefers an off-site operation, ARC can perform this too.

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