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21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) And Markets and Markets Are Now Knowledge Partners

April 2, 2018

Via Wikimedia Commons.

Readers can expect fresh content each month from Markets and Markets (MnM), a business to business and industry research publisher with a global clientele. As a “knowledge partner,” MnM will be providing 21AAR unique insights on the cutting edge of India’s military-technological complex. These are meant to give 21AAR’s audience critical perspectives on an emerging world power.

MnM first reached out to 21AAR in February this year. The resulting agreement between them is meant to focus on topics that are making a serious impact on the global defense industry. These are:

  • Military robotics and unmanned systems
  • Aerospace and missile technology

Content authored by MnM covering these two fields start appearing on 21AAR this April. Readers can look forward to fresh stories almost every week.

To differentiate 21AAR’s organic content and those provided by MnM, the latter are published with the title “Markets and Markets” followed by a description of the topic. The stories from MnM have embedded hyperlinks and include contact details in case readers wish to get in touch with their researchers. Since MnM specializes in analyzing markets, the scope and variety of topics published on 21AAR may broaden in the near future.

21AAR was founded in June 2011 as a personal effort to assess the growth in military capabilities across Eurasia–the geopolitical space that spans the eastern half of the Asia-Pacific all the way to the Mediterranean coast. Although intended as a niche website employing a free WordPress template, the steady rise in 21AAR’s readership meant its content diversified as well. These now span detailed profiles for current weapon systems, text and picture heavy “listicles,” open source analysis of ongoing wars, and updates on military procurement.

In 2014 the first ads for military and security exhibitions began to appear on 21AAR. These were part of barter agreements with events organizers so that 21AAR can gain access to the latest technology offered by military contractors and suppliers. To date, 21AAR has featured nearly 200 events from around the world. The current readership for 21AAR is concentrated in English proficient regions, with North America, India, the UK, Singapore, and the Philippines ranking as the top five sources of traffic.

MnM was founded in 2010 as a market research firm specializing in high growth industries and new business applications that can drive revenues. By 2016 its staff had ballooned to more than a thousand people, with 850 full-time analysts, and its customers included 80% of the Fortune 1000, totaling 5,000 clients worldwide. MnM boasts it enjoyed 100% revenue growth for two consecutive years, from 2016 to 2017, and opened a US office in March last year soon after a $56 million funding round.

MnM also maintains a busy events portfolio and organizes dozens of conferences each year. From its main office in Pune, India, MnM advertises itself as a world leader for premium market research. As a knowledge partner for 21AAR, MnM are entitled to a free banner ad seen on the top right.

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