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Highlights Of OEWatch For October 2017

October 9, 2017

The October issue of OEWatch marks a serious departure from the magazine’s format. Rather than feature the month’s Special Essay on the cover, a section called North Korea: A View From The Neighborhood reigns supreme over the tabulated contents below. OEWatch is available as a free download from the APAN Community Network.

The usual editors and their pool of contributing writers are involved. October’s OEWatch runs 72 pages with seven sections, the longest still being Russia, Ukraine.

The Middle East, North Africa section is heavily focused on all matters Iranian, with few exceptions such as an update on Turkey’s new military base in Somalia on page 13. The meager Africa section is unremarkable.

The bulk of the Latin America section is preoccupied with Colombia’s fragile peace and the unwinding in Venezuela. But on page 31 is a very short take on China’s rise as Cuba’s number one trade partner.

The Asia-Pacific section is impressive, opening with an analysis of the PLA’s 90th birthday activities. The next entry explains the peaceful diplomatic outcome of the Doklam standoff that triggered a media war between China and India. Beijing’s role in the recent BRICS Summit is picked apart on page 34. The following entry tackles Chinese interest in artificial intelligence and its military applications. Another China-related entry is on page 39 about a possible canal in Thailand’s narrow Kra isthmus.

The Russia, Ukraine section covers every kind of military activity that happened in Russia during the past month. But the best part of this OEWatch is a section titled “DPRK” about North Korea’s regional activities. This begins by examining translations of Chinese geopolitical writing about its belligerent neighbor. The commentary on page 65 reveals that Chinese writers don’t seem worried about North Korean intentions even if Pyongyang remains devoted to amassing nukes.

Page 67 asks the vital question, How Would Russia Respond to War in the Korean Peninsula? while Japan’s views on their troublesome neighbor occupy pages 66 to 67. The View From Egypt on page 72 tries to determine whether Cairo is an enabler, rather than just a customer, of the rogue state.

OEWatch often runs several dozen stories in a single issue. Readers should download copies to find what’s most relevant to their curiosity.

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