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British Journalist Who Covered IDEX 2017 Needs Financial Assistance

March 6, 2017


Every two years thousands flock to Abu Dhabi for the International Defense Exhibition and Conference or IDEX. Some claim it’s the largest arms show in the Middle East. Spanning the better part of a week inside the National Exhibition Centre, IDEX brings the world’s top defense contractors under a single roof. Joining them are a dizzying multitude of guests, be they royalty, VIPs, or journalists.

Tim Mahon is a freelance writer for Mönch Publishing Group, a German magazine publisher, and was at IDEX 2017 to cover the action. Held from February 19 until 23, IDEX was scheduled alongside its maritime counterpart NAVDEX to showcase the UAE’s reputation as a serious customer for military tech. Dozens of new weapon systems and equipment were debuted during this year’s installment.

During the course of the arms show, however, Mahon suffered a heart attack. He was immediately hospitalized but the resulting costs put him in dire financial straits–lacking corporate travel insurance, Mahon had to pay for his treatment upfront.

Stephen Elliott of Mönch Publishing Group resorted to GoFundMe for raising the needed money on February 24. Although Mönch covered part of Mahon’s bills a bypass operation at the Ahalia Hospital in Abu Dhabi plunged Mahon into debt.

“UAE law states that a private person, such as Tim, cannot leave the country unless all debts are paid in full,” Elliott wrote on Mahon’s GoFundMe page, whose goal is to raise 40,ooo euros. As of this writing, friends and colleagues have pitched in 9,873 euros.

Mahon is a writer and veteran journalist. He’s the founder of the Training and Simulation Forum, a military news site, and one half of the team behind PMi Media Limited. In mid-2016 he joined Mönch, whose titles span five languages and include Military Technology and Al Defaiya, to write about regional arms shows.


In the spirit of goodwill and camaraderie, 21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is providing a free ad titled Bypass To Life that links to Mahon’s GoFundMe. The ad runs until June 12 this year to mark 100 days of soliciting donations. 21AAR hopes its readers and professionals in the arms industry can aid a fellow traveler.

Mahon’s operation took place on the last weekend of February. He has since been discharged and returned to the UK. His GoFundMe page remains open to donations that shall pay for his recovery and outstanding charges from his time in hospital.

Those wishing to help Tim Mahon can simply click on the Bypass To Life ad on the right and donate an amount.


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