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One Chinese Company Tested The Waters At A Ukrainian Arms Show

October 18, 2016

The entrance of the International Exhibition Centre in Kiev during The 7th Arms and Security 2015.

Each year large and small companies from all over Ukraine gather in Kyiv for Arms and Security. Since it debuted in 2004 it’s become a showcase for domestic manufacturing from both the private sector and the state, with a strong emphasis on military equipment. Though foreign firms exhibit too, most of the form and substance behind the event is Ukraine-centric.

Attendance can be a mixed bag since retailers of civilian outdoor equipment are allowed to participate. During the show itself, apparel and small arms are seen packed together inside while dozens of vehicles are displayed at the venue’s parking lot. There’s been a growing urgency in recent iterations since a lot of what’s exhibited by the different companies are meant for the war with Russia.

But a minor surprise during the 8th International Exhibition Arms and Security 2016 last week was the token presence of a Chinese exhibitor called Beijing Truegard Company, Limited. They specialize in military and police uniforms.

While Beijing Truegard Co., Ltd. isn’t a household name the little that can be gleaned form its meager online presence reveals enough about its purpose–making uniforms, “tactical” accessories, and jackets for export.

According to a company profile found in Alibaba, the 12-year-old Beijing Truegard is a medium-sized enterprise with a 10,000 square meter factory manned by “a team of more than 500 staff members.” What’s interesting about the Beijing-based firm is its business, whose annual revenue is in the $100 million range, is export driven and its biggest customers aren’t even in Asia.

The company’s strongest demand comes from the European Union followed by North America. Commercial activity in South and Southeast Asia appear negligible by comparison. Beijing Truegard’s niche in Europe seems to be in outdoor wear for hunters and athletes, which could explain its presence in Kyiv this October. Its military products, on the other hand, are a colorful selection of complete uniforms including pants, shirts, jackets, backpacks, and even boots and gloves.

For some reason Beijing Truegard sells its own unmanned vehicles.