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Forever Plus Corp. Outs A New Night Vision Scope

August 27, 2016

Taiwan Forever Plus NVGs 01For those inclined to see the world in shades of gray Taiwan’s Forever Plus Corp. is offering its latest night vision scope. The FPC-NVP300’s looks and performance specs places it at the mid-range in the exacting marketplace for optics, whose merchandise is often worth thousands of dollars.

According to the product literature the FPC-NVP300, which is powered by four AA batteries, provides 300 meters of visibility at night and “several kilometers” during the day. As a thermal optic device with a digital camera function, its infrared projection distance at no light is at 100 m. For recording surveillance footage with infrared the FPC-NVP300 is good for between two to 10 hours–Forever Plus insists it depends on the batteries used. Doing the same without infrared cuts this time span in half.

A modicum of ergonomics went into the FPC-NVP300’s handling with the control panel laid out above the eyepiece. A basic on/off switch is on the right hand side. As an intelligence tool a 32GB micro SD card is provided for the FPC-NVP300 for storing footage, imagery, and reviewing either. Connectivity for PCs and TVs is a given.

Taiwan Forever Plus NVGs 02

Forever Plus Corp. specializes in manufacturing lenses and optics for scientific and medical applications. The FPC-NVP300 is their latest entry in a growing catalog of night vision scopes for law enforcement and possible armed forces use. To learn more about their surveillance products they can be reached here.

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