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Armored Cars: Franz Achleitner PMV Survivor II

August 27, 2016

Austrian Achleitner PMV Survivor II 01

The world of vehicle manufacturing has long been flat. Little wonder how small companies in the unlikeliest places are finding ways to R&D exciting products for the military market. The PMV Survivor II made in Austria is a superb example of this phenomenon. It uses a commercial truck chassis (Mercedes Benz G-class) to support a monocoque hull with superb protection levels for its passengers.

As part of Franz Achleitner GMBH‘s military vehicles line, the PMV Survivor II is the most capable among its siblings, i.e. the beefed up Toyota Land Cruiser called the MMV Survivor and the 12.5 ton armored truck the HMV Survivor I. There are several other models in Achleitner’s roster like the commando specific Speedfighter and different 4×4 logistics vehicles.

First unveiled in 2008 as a light tactical vehicle, the PMV Survivor II is now front and center for Achleitner’s export ambitions. It should be since its reported specifications almost surpass its rivals from neighboring countries.

With a “gross vehicle weight” of 18 tons, the PMV Survivor II is recognizable for its bulging hood and perforated grille where the letters “PMV” are arranged beneath the Achleitner logo. The product literature for the PMV Survivor II emphasizes its stellar qualities in protection, mobility, and communications as well as the jobs it can do; like so many of its peers it’s affordable and modular.

Austrian Achleitner PMV Survivor II 02

As an infantry transport for combat missions it offers STANAG III ballistic protection and can survive 100 kilogram mine and explosive blasts. Without upgrades its armoring is able to withstand shrapnel and fragments from artillery blasts–not direct hits, of course.

The PMV Survivor II features different seating configurations. Its basic variant is similar to the Streit Group’s Typhoon, albeit with lower ground clearance, and seats at least five. As a wheeled APC the PMV Survivor II manages 10 passengers with the driver and co-driver in the cab and eight troops at the back. Aside from a rear swing door, a circular roof hatch is available as either a turret mount or an exit portal.

The PMV Survivor II is equally well-suited for either an ambulance role, with enough space in its rear compartment to fit stretchers, or as a logistics transport. Thanks to its compatibility with Mercedes Benz’, Rheinmetall Defense has licensed the PMV Survivor II as a CBRN vehicle capable of performing recce missions across contaminated terrain.

Austrian Achleitner Speedfighter 4x4

The Speedfighter shouldn’t be confused with the Survivor series. It’s a mine-resistant truck designed for missions in remote climates.

Running on a 286 horsepower V8 diesel engine the PMV Survivor II manages a 110 kilometers per hour top speed and a maximum range of nearly 1,000 km. Fording depth in bodies of water is three feet deep and operates in extreme weather. A couple of PMV Survivor II’s can fit inside a medium lift transports like the C-130 Hercules.

Given its newness the PMV Survivor II is only beginning to gain momentum among international customers. One of its largest foreign operators is secretive Turkmenistan while Achleitner managed a VIP sale to Kenya in 2014.