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Cyber Intelligence Europe 2015 Is Happening Now

September 30, 2015

Romania old Bucharest map

The team behind Intelligence-Sec are back in Bucharest, Romania, for this year’s installment of Cyber Intelligence Europe. Running for three days, from September 28 to 30, and featuring a workshop and multiple discussions on security issues relevant to companies and institutions, Cyber Intelligence Europe is a superb venue for professionals in the tech business.

Cyber Intelligence Europe is being held at the Radisson Blu Hotel along Calea Victoriei, 63-81 Sector 1.

The  Cyber Intelligence infosec conference series is held each year in Europe and Asia. This April Intelligence-Sec were in Manila, the Philippines, for four days.

Today’s cybersecurity events are a far cry from the hacker conventions of yore. Both military and government institutions are very active and visible, if not the organizers running the show. The speaker roster of Cyber Intelligence Europe includes numerous current and former military personnel. Since it’s being held in Bucharest, there’s a strong presence of Romanian professionals and other guests from Eastern Europe.

Cyber Intelligence Europe kicked off on September 28 with the workshop You Are Under Attack hosted by Bruce Wynn, a 34-year veteran of the Royal Air Force’s various infosec roles. 21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a media partner for Cyber Intelligence Asia.

Here’s an event synopsis from the organizer:

Cyber Intelligence Europe 2015 will analyse the different types of cybercrimes being faced to government agencies across Europe. Many public and private sector organisations are being targeted with the criminals exposing sensitive information to the public. Take part in our 3rd annual event to discuss ways of how to combat cybercrimes.

Our third instalment of our Cyber Intelligence Europe conference & exhibition will be taking place in Romania where the government is implementing strategies to improve their cyberspace from cybercrimes and attacks.

One aspect which will be discussed during the three day event will be the importance of sharing information between regional governments and private sector organisations to develop an understanding of how to combat the cyber criminals from breaching critical infrastructure.

Cyber Intelligence Europe 2015 will bring together leading cyber security officials from Europe’s leading government agencies, military and law enforcement agencies who will provide in-depth and knowledgeable presentations discussing current strategies being used by them to protect their computer systems as well as sharing information through the use of case study presentations.

Don’t miss out on taking part at our international Cyber Intelligence Europe event on the 28th – 30th September 2015.

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