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A Military-Industrial Summit Is Happening In Turkey This November

July 29, 2015

Turkish flag

It’s called Turkey Defence Week and it will be held from November 10 to 12 in Ankara. The agenda is how to boost Turkey’s profile as a world-class manufacturer and exporter of military hardware.

The event is organized by International Research Networks (IRN), an events company based in London that caters to strategic markets, i.e. energy, security, and commodities. Turkey Defence Week’s goal is to orient attendees on business opportunities in Turkey and simultaneously advertise the country’s arms exports.

After more than 20 years of government-backed modernization, Turkey is now a competitive exporter of small arms, munitions, armored vehicles, missiles, and artillery. In recent years it has expanded into building its own aircraft, electronics, unmanned systems, and shipbuilding.

21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a media partner for Turkey Defence Week.

The event features speakers from Turkey’s high tech and military industries. There is also a strong presence of NATO officials specializing in counter-terrorism, CBRN, explosive ordnance disposal, and industrial development. Military and civilian officials from the UK Ministry of Defense and five Eastern European countries are included in the speaker’s roster. The latter are the Czech air force and Ministry of Defence, the Estonian and Slovenian Ministries of Defence, and Macedonia’s Ministry of Defence. All except Macedonia are NATO members.

IRN has published the details of Turkey Defence Week’s three-day programme. It begins with a pre-conference workshop on November 10 discussing the finer points of Industrial Participation/Offset in the Turkish setting.

The next two days are very interesting and are focused on breakthroughs and trends related to R&D for air, land, and naval systems. The topics of discussion span “advances in Main Battle Tank development” to “space and satellite avionics in military warfare” to current events and geopolitics from a NATO perspective.

IRN anticipates at least 200 people attending the conference and interested parties can register here.

Here is an excerpt from IRN’s official press release announcing Turkey Defence Week:

The upcoming Turkey Defence Week 2015, hosted by IRN on 10-12 November in Ankara, Turkey, will include three exclusive technical streams exploring land, naval and airborne capabilities to assess the latest developments and opportunities within battle tanks, artillery, torpedoes, submarines, fighter jets, combat UAVs, missile defence systems, electronic warfare, satellite avionics, attack helicopters, and more.

The senior level conference and exhibition represents a very unique networking opportunity for defence companies wishing to increase their sales in the Turkish market, as well as for militaries seeking improvements to their army capabilities. 200 delegates are expected to gather in Ankara for the meeting to benefit from a number of panel discussions on the challenges and solutions on key topics currently surrounding the international defence industry.

The forum will also include a pre-conference Workshop day to help delegates understand the principle of the Industrial Participation/Offsets (IP/O) guidelines and essentials to take part in defence projects in Turkey.


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