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A Cyber Warfare Summit Is Happening In Manila Right Now

April 21, 2015

US Composite Image for Cyberwar

For four days in the last full week of April the brightest minds in cyber will be sharing ideas and exchanging notes.

It’s for this year’s Cyber Intelligence Asia, a cybersecurity summit organized by Intelligence-Sec, a conference and exhibition company that caters to the security crowd. As the third installment of the Cyber Intelligence series, this year’s event is being conducted with the help of the Philippine government.

Cyber Intelligence Asia is from April 21 to April 24. It’s going to be held at the Heritage Hotel in Manila. The first day of the conference is dedicated to a workshop on cyber crime. The ensuing two days are for conferences. The finale, on the 24th, is a half-day workshop on cyber warfare.

21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a media partner for Cyber Intelligence Asia.

What follows is an event synopsis from the organizer:

Cybercrimes are increasing across the world and many governments are struggling to identify these threats. Cyber Intelligence Asia is now in its third year and will provide attendees unrivaled opportunities to meet with the regions senior government officials who deal with cyber security.

The regions’ computer network infrastructures are becoming more sophisticated but with this become more vulnerabilities and avenues for cyber criminals to breach through the security firewalls of government computer networks.

Our 2015 event will be taking place in Manila, Philippines where the government has been working efficiently to create a strong and secure computer network system. This event will provide you unrivaled opportunities to meet with leading Philippine Government officials who are improving their computer network systems from cyber threats.

Cyber Intelligence Asia 2015 will also focus on the following topics: Combating cybercrimes in the region against government computer networks, regional cooperation on cyber security, open source security, threat intelligence and identifying vulnerabilities, protecting government infrastructures and internet security.