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Breathing With The NHI5 Escape Hood

March 28, 2015

UK NHI5 Escape Hood 01There are a lot of portable respirators being sold in the market today. The real challenge is finding one that doesn’t encumber your movement in a danger zone.

In comes the NIOSH-certified NHI5 Escape Hood from Avon Protection. Weighing 625 grams and wrapped in foil, the NHI5 Escape Hood is a low cost air purifying escape respirator meant for single use wherever toxins and other harmful gasses are detected.

The NHI5 Escape Hood is sold in a vacuum-packed multilayer barrier bag and requires zero maintenance.

Depending on the persistence of the airborne chemicals, the NHI5 Escape Hood ensures survivability for 15 minutes. When lesser amounts of toxins are present the NHI5 Escape Hood can be worn for extended durations, although this isn’t advised by its manufacturer.

Based on the product literature, it only takes 20 minutes to don the NHI5 Escape Hood. Instructions are printed on a small card attached to its foil wrapper and come in three languages: English, French, and Spanish. To use the NHI5 Escape Hood, open the wrapper and insert both hands inside the NHI5 Escape Hood’s rubber collar. Pull both hands apart to create an opening and fit the NHI5 Escape Hood onto your head.

The NHI5 Escape Hood is distinctive for its excellent visibility and comfort. To provide a better fit it has an interior self adjusting harness and a visor with anti-fog coating. Its square low profile filters are designed to reduce snagging on a person’s attire. A unique addition to the NHI5 Escape Hood is a frontal reflective label that glows in the dark for alerting emergency personnel.

When not needed, the NHI5 Escape Hood’s shelf life extends to five years.

The NHI5 Escape Hood is being actively marketed for professionals working in oil and gas, chemical and industrial facilities, transportation, mining, and close-protection or security.

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