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Learn About The Biggest Arms Show In Israel

December 27, 2014

Israeli ISDEF exhibitorFor three days in Tel Aviv’s Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center some 250 exhibitors will be catering to thousands of international customers.

The occasion is the seventh instalment of ISDEF, the International Defence and HLS (Homeland Security) Expo.

ISDEF was launched in 2007 and is held every two years. It’s where buyers can choose among vendors providing vehicles, tools, and equipment for law enforcement, special forces, emergency services, and other security institutions. Since its founding, ISDEF’s organizer boasts of 400% growth and skyrocketing attendance.

In 2015, spaces allocated to national pavilions allows foreign firms to not only showcase their products but compete for a market share in Israel’s robust security sector.

Over the years ISDEF has become known for its broad selection of unmanned systems and high tech gadgets. This emphasis on dual-use products makes it attractive for customers who want top shelf Israeli gear at affordable prices.

According to the organizer, “foreign companies constitute nearly 50% of the exhibitors and more than 85% of attendees have buying power.”

During the event, the organizer adds, “decision makers like Ministers of Defence, Chiefs of Staff, Chiefs of Police, Ministers of Interior and technical officers who are responsible for testing products” are participating.

ISDEF 2015 is held in Hall 1 of the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center, a world class venue that hosts Israel’s largest trade shows. Hall 1 provides 5,000 square meters of space.

For ISDEF 2015, the organizer expects significant human traffic. Figures dating to 2013, when the previous ISDEF was held, reveals 7,000 visitors flocked to the venue in the span of three days.

By next year, an estimated 12,000 will attend, including 80 foreign delegations and correspondents from 75 media outlets.

Seminars, live demonstrations, and workshops are scheduled for the duration of ISDEF 2015. These sessions cover securing critical infrastructure, seminars on industry trends, environmental solutions for defense products, C4ISR, weapons of mass destruction, lectures on Israel’s recent conflict in Gaza and a special discussion about “Terrorism and social media.”

An explosive new trailer (with a riveting dubstep soundtrack) can be viewed below:

For additional information and booking, interested parties should visit the ISDEF 2015 website.

21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a media partner for ISDEF 2015.

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