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December 23, 2014

Russian Paratroopers

The minutiae of a specific country’s armed forces is always difficult to come by.

The few exceptions to this rule are the US and less than a handful of NATO members. Perhaps even China qualifies if the PLA’s activities weren’t always broadcast via state-owned media.

And then there’s the Russian Federation and its Cold War heritage, ever under intense scrutiny from analysts, enthusiasts, reporters, and the general public.

There is no doubt a wealth of information is available about the Russian military and its arsenal. The Federation of American Scientists’ dated index is the perfect entry level gateway to this subject matter.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense is mum on its own capabilities and there are few official portals to explore the vast conventional and nuclear firepower it controls.

This is what makes the seemingly autonomous and anonymous so useful. It’s a website offering profiles of all weapons currently deployed by the Russian Federation. These span six categories: Aviation, Naval Systems, Ground Systems, Communications Equipment, Infantry Firearms, and Air Defenses.

Additional sections include Electronic Reconnaissance, Automated Control Systems, Training Targets, and a gallery of high resolution images.

A Goldmine

Aside from specifications for ships, planes, and tanks,’s coverage is endearing for its inclusion of obscura like an unused helicopter UAV and a dummy APC.

Another plus is the site’s broad selection of electronics complexes for guiding various weapon systems.

Judging by its detailed content and impeccable grammar, is one of the better outlets providing open source information about the Russian military’s hardware.

This is a true service to the ambiguous worldwide community who faithfully monitor Russia’s rearmament.

But like many sites offering critical knowledge that would otherwise be classified,’s founder and staff remain unknown.

Scouring the web for clues, however, uncovers a few interesting details. Launched in 2008, is powered by Joomla! a popular content management system (CMS). This explains its simple layout, which is best viewed on browsers like Google Chrome. The latest version of Firefox causes the text to stretch beyond the window, obfuscating entire word columns at the far left.

Using two different websites for background checks on reveals contrasting data. portrays it as a profit-less enterprise with modest traffic and hosted from the Netherlands. Checking its IP address suggests otherwise. appears to be hosted in Ukraine instead.’s own assessment is more generous.

Either way, is an excellent resource.

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