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The Annual Arms Shows Calendar Is Now Updated

December 18, 2014


Simply open the link at the upper right titled “Arms Shows.”

With the curtains falling on 2014, a critical update needed to be prepared for the readers’ benefit. 21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) began compiling annual defense and security schedules in 2013. This was done to better monitor the business of weapons sales and the commerce in dual-use technologies.

Since then, coverage of arms shows grew exponentially and several organizers agreed to promote their events on this site with banner ads.

These non-profit partnerships allows real-time information on the global arms trade to be published efficiently.

For 2015, open source listings were consulted to create a month-by-month breakdown. The resulting compilation spans an entire year, albeit with a denser convergence of events from January to June followed by a less crowded selection beyond July.

To confirm schedules, readers should visit the event organizer’s official site where contact details, brochures, and online registration are also provided.

For cross-examining dates, alternate schedules are available. Germany’s Monch Publishing Group offers a free PDF of its 2015 events calendar. IHS Jane’s has its own interactive events page with an embedded search function. Another site, Defence IQ, promotes its events in three different continents.

Free databases are abundant as well and Events Eye is a convenient tool for checking on specific trade shows by country and by region.

21AAR’s arms shows schedule is a listing of occasions relevant to defense contractors and military leaders who need these venues for transaction and exchange. To clarify, however, not all events are arms shows and not all arms shows are about purchasing weapons.

Summits and conferences, for example, are held to promote agendas, discuss current affairs, and compare notes. A perfect example is what’s done by the King’s College Department of War Studies.

Meanwhile, there are also invitation only events held behind closed doors. Contacting the right people are essential for access to these sessions.

As the year progresses, events that have concluded will be highlighted in red while those upcoming remain in black.

Every trade show is always a balancing act where schedules and logistics can be at odds. For this reason the calendar is updated on a regular basis for changes, corrections, and adding fresh entries.

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