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Russia Has Its Own Special Forces Arms Show Happening This Month

October 22, 2014

Russian Special Forces Exercise

Interpolitex 2014 is the Russian equivalent of Jordan’s SOFEX or France’s Eurosatory. It’s an annual exhibition and trade show where various manufacturers showcase and sell their products to the law enforcement, intelligence, and military market.

Organized by the FSB, MVD, and Russia’s special forces branch, the show is being run by BIZON, an events company.

The 18th installment of the popular Interpolitex is being held from October 21 to 24 in Pavilion No. 75, the 25,000 square meter space inside Mosocow’s historic trade show venue, the VDNH.

Everything from helmets to sentry robots will be featured across three different halls.

So far, 471 companies from 19 countries are exhibiting and the expected visitor turnout is north of 17,000 people.

Live demonstrations and other activities promoting the skills of Russian police and special forces are happening later today.

21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR) is a media partner for Interpolitex.

Below is the latest press release from the organizers.

INTERPOLITEX is a leading event of the International Safety and Security Exhibitions Network in Russia and CIS.

The event serves as a venue for several exhibitions and specialized expositions divided into the following profiles:

  • Police Equipment
  • “Border” exposition
  • International Military-Technical Salon
  • Counter-Terrorism Protection
  • “UVS-Tech 2014” – Multipurpose Unmanned Systems
  • A brand new section – Guarding solutions and equipment

Corporations like RosNano, Rostech, RosOboronExport, Budaphone ltd. etc. are among the exhibitors of the event.

Participating countries include China, Bulgaria, Israel, The Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, India, Republic of  South Africa, Taiwan, Canada, Austria, Turkey, Switzerland, Belarus, Singapore,and  Finland.

International firms like LAHOUX OPTICS B.V, Flir Systems, MKU, Česká zbrojovka, MICROSystemation, Beth-El Industries LTD, Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization, NAGRA, ST Electronics, Alpha Optics etc. are exhibiting too.

This year more than 100 exhibitors have presented their innovative solutions for Catalog display. Among them one can meet up-to-date samples of arms, specialized equipment, bulletproof products, multipurpose robotics and unmanned systems, boats, communication systems etc.

New cutting-edge equipment to be debuted include:

  • Reycom-Group LLC. will present “Astrophysics VI7” X-ray system for physical inspection
  • JSC Grant-Systems and Technologies will demonstrate highly sensitive audio recorder N-7 “Horn”
  • Scientific and Production Company JSC Mikran displays unique system of broadband wireless access of WiMIC-2000BM
  • Israeli company Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization will show the UFED Touch complex which represents the advanced solution for data and passwords extraction at physical, logical and file system levels. 

Both exhibitors and guests may join extensive scientific and business program: 5 conferences, 5 round tables, 3 seminars and 8 presentations which reflect the most pressing issues of the Russian Federation and its citizens. Over 70 speakers will share their ideas with more than 2200 participants of this program.

One of the key conferences will be held by the Russian Federation Ministry of the Interior to discuss “Prospects of Developing of New Items of Armaments and Special Equipment of New Generation.” Six of its sections will be devoted to cutting edge technologies that shall transform the Russian soldier’s warfighting ability.

Networking events and conferences are scheduled as well. These include,

  •   Annual meeting of the Business Council under Interstate Commission for Military-Technical Cooperation of Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)
  • Research-to-Practice Conference of Russian Border Guard Department of the Federal Security Service who will discuss “Focal Areas of Technical Development of Protection of the State Border and Objects of Border Infrastructure”
  • International Specialized Conference “Technologies of Unmanned Flying Systems – UVS-TECH 2014”

On October 22, starting from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. the demonstration of specialized vehicles and arms combat capabilities along with special tactical training exercises of Special Forces of Russian Ministry of the Interior will take place at the shooting range of the scientific research institute “Geodeziya.”

On October 23, 60 exhibitors are taking part in a National Security Competition to determine which new technologies will have the most impact on homeland security. 

Various special forces and elite units are taking part in these exercises.

Vehicle and equipment makers like JSC Kamaz, The Gaz Group, JSC Experimental Plant, Trekol, ABK, AFM-Service, RusAeroLab, and the Telecommunications Institute are also showcasing new technologies for Russia’s security apparatus.


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