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New Sections Added To The Site: Intelligence, Resources, and Arms Shows

September 7, 2014

Old Library

To improve the quality and depth of the stories on 21st Century Asian Arms Race (21AAR), three additional web pages are being maintained alongside the regular posting stream.

After almost four years spent writing about the ambiguous world of defense–an antiseptic term describing a government’s massive expenditures on weapons–it’s apparent a greater knowledge base must be created to reinforce this site’s standards.

Uncovering the seams behind civil wars, arms deals, and clandestine intrigues demands access to primary sources, past records, academic research, and the polished linoleum corridors of power.

Let this be clear: 21AAR is not a journalistic endeavor. Some of the stories here are presented in a style familiar to most news readers, but 21AAR is primarily a resource.

The end game is circulating real information about weapon systems and conflict. This means hard numbers, critical insight, and using multiple sources to form a bigger picture about great events unfolding in real time.

Since information is never confined to a single medium, what matters for an online publication is stockpiling high-grade material using the best possible research methods.

This is why three additional pages will each deal with three broad subjects relevant to 21AAR: Intelligence, Resources, and Arms Shows.

Intelligence is a directory for the ambiguous world of private sector spooks, paramilitaries, and protective services needed by governments and corporations. These firms are full of people who have backgrounds in organizations and militaries that participate in various trouble spots.

Resources is a page full of links to defense ministries. When festering geopolitical problems provoke unilateral actions and reactions between countries, it’s useful to consult the civilian offices representing the national armed forces’ involved.

Last, there’s the yearly schedule for Arms Shows. Readers may have noticed that 21AAR supports banners from certain organizers and defense contractors.

These aren’t for-profit ads. 21AAR barters its available space in exchange for being privy to events where governments and defense contractors gather and share notes.

Sustaining 21AAR has been a satisfying challenge full of surprises, and there is still so much ground to cover.

So visit often.

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