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69 Years After Defeating Nazi Germany, Russia Marks V-Day

May 11, 2014
Russian MSTA-S 152mm 2014 V-Day


On Friday, May 9, Russia commemorated its defeat of Nazi Germany with a parade of its latest military equipment. Complete footage can be viewed below.

At 00:00 Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reviews troops.

At 13:40,  President Vladimir Putin delivers his speech.

At 18:00, cheers of Hurrah! Hurrah before Russian national anthem plays.

At 20:00, marching parade begins with cadets.

At 40:39, vehicle parade begins. “Now is the turn of tanks and other vehicles to appear on Red Square. The government is planning to equip the armed forces with state-of-the-art military equipment and the plan is being implemented now.”

At 42:00, Crimean mechanized column drives by in their BTR-80’s. The latest vehicles featured included the 6×6 Kamaz Taifun-K, the S-400 Triumf SAM system, and the Krizantema “anti-tank complex.”

At 53:00, helicopters arrive. Mi-17, Ka-52, Mi-28, Mi-35, and a lone Mi-26.

At 55:10, the planes arrive beginning with the An-22 and followed by flights of the MiG-31, the Su-24M,  the Su-34. A second wave of bombers was led by an Il-78 fuel tanker and a Tu-160 bomber, followed by trios of the Tu-95 and the Tu-22M3. Last flights were composed of the Su-27, the MiG-29, and two V-formations of Su-25’s.

At 1:00, Putin personally greets the commanders.

The annual Red Square military parade has always been an occasion for Russia to display its most advanced weapons. This year, however, the sudden inclusion of an armored truck offers a rare insight on where Russia’s military doctrine is headed.

via Kamaz

via Kamaz.

Given the popularity of mine-resistant vehicles and the shift to urban fighting in modern wars, it makes sense how large armored trucks are supplanting traditional APCs. Their all-around protection, cargo capacity, and movement in paved roads make them ideal for fighting in cities. No wonder Kamaz is developing a series of new wheeled APCs.

Based on details published online, the Kamaz Taifun or Typhoon functions as a personnel carrier and fits sixteen people in its well-lit and ventilated troop compartment. Passengers enter via a hydraulic ramp and six overhead hatches. The same compartment has three firing slots on either side.

The truck’s engine, believed to be a 450 horsepower turbo diesel model, is located in a separate section behind the cab. Reinforced doors and ballistic protection enclose the driver’s cab, which can be height adjusted at the push of a button.

The Taifun is often designated an MRAP, although the extent of its armor protection is unknown. Specifications like its engine type, speed, and range aren’t available to the public.