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New Russian Armor At Nizhny Tagil Arms Show Next Week

September 18, 2013

Russian BMPT-72

Beginning on Wednesday, September 25, until Saturday, September 28, hundreds of exhibitors will showcase their latest products at the 11th Russia Arms Expo (RAE).

The annual trade show has earned itself a following among military enthusiasts in recent years, as well as unfailing government support, for its displays of Russian weapons systems.

This month, Russian authorities announced that the much hyped main battle tank (MBT) called the ‘Armata’ is to be unveiled at RAE.

Unfortunately, it might not be available for public viewing within the Expo.

As early as July, the Kremlin’s official news organ RIA Novosti stated:

Several prototypes of the Armata, to become Russia’s main battle tank, will be privately shown to the country’s leadership during an arms expo in September, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Monday.

The tank, expected to enter the military in 2015, will reportedly feature a remotely controlled gun and fully automated loading, as well as a separate crew compartment made from composite materials and protected by multilayered armor.

“The Armata will be unveiled during a closed showing at the Nizhny Tagil arms expo,” Rogozin said on Ekho Moskvy (Echo of Moscow) radio. “Several prototypes will be shown exclusively to the Russian leadership.”

A recent short article on RIA Novosti’s defense section shared additional info on the mysterious MBT.

The existence of the T-95 Armata was disclosed in 2011 when the Putin government began its expensive long-term modernization program for the armed forces. In the same year Uralvagonzavod, the state-owned manufacturer of the T-72 and T-90, rolled out a new tank variant called the T-90S Modernized Main Battle Tank.

The T-90S, however, won’t become a mainstay of Russia’s vast armored formations. It seems that the defense sector has been hard at work on a new tank with a fresh design, improved armor, advanced electronics, and a better engine.

On September 4 Uralvagonzavod, the largest employer in the industrial city of Nizhny Tagil, posted a news item on its website about another armored vehicle to be seen at RAE: the BMPT-72.

Billed as ‘The Terminator,’ the BMPT-72 provides fire-support for tank units, using its twin 30mm cannon and missiles mounted on a T-72 chassis to destroy multiple targets.

Other than the BMPT-72, brand new weapons systems like air-defence missiles and the Kurganets and Boomerang APCs could also appear at the event.