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A Visual Companion To A Manila Gun Show (2013)

July 21, 2013
Gen Luna

Our friend, General Antonio Luna

Another year, another Defense and Sporting Arms Show (DSAS).

For the 21st installment of the popular exhibition, gun sellers and retailers were out in force. Coverage of the DSAS is one of this website’s regular topics. In 2012, this author mentioned:

The DSAS began as a yearly event in one of Manila’s largest shopping centers. It brought together the Philippines’ largest gun makers and retailers for a unique bazaar catering to a loyal market–Filipino gun owners. As far as the author can remember, DSAS shows, no matter how moderately sized, have always drawn in lots of enthusiasts.

In 2011, DSAS became bi-annual and it’s likely that another DSAS is going to roll out before the holidays.

The newest  four-day DSAS kicked off on July 18 at a popular shopping center.

This year had  less in common with its predecessors but featured a greater variety of choices for the gun enthusiast with cash to spare.

For example, assault rifles were no longer as visible–and available–compared to previous DSAS.

Handguns proved ubiquitous, however. Gun sellers displayed thousands to the public, who crowded the narrow aisles on opening day. Just as abundant were apparel and gear, as the photos below will attest.

The Government Arsenal, which supplies munitions to the Philippine military and police, did have a roomier corner to themselves that was literally mobbed.

To revisit the 2012 DSAS, go here.

To revisit the 2011 DSAS, go here.




Promo Girl

Rare sighting of a promo model

Govt Arsenal 01

Govt Arsenal 05  Govt Arsenal 07

Govt Arsenal 09 Govt Arsenal 13 Govt Arsenal 14


DSAS Shotgun 04




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